Let's get this 18th birthday party started! We've got everything they need to have a ranging night of fun right here at Gifts Australia. With the ultimate selection of novelty drinking gifts for the perfect 18th birthday gifts, these are perfectly teamed up with one of our liquor or beer gift hampers for the ultimate night of celebrating.

What is included in this collection at Gifts Australia? 

Within this charmingly eccentric range, you will find everything necessary to ensure a fun-filled evening with family or friends. For those who love a good game, we have the shocking and controversial “Cards Against Humanity”, the classic “Drinkopoly”, “shot glass roulette” and the Adult Voting game along with some hilariously bonkers books filled with other activities to enjoy. If you want a humorous tint to your tipple, we have many items bound to get laugh or three, such as syringe shooters, funny shot glasses or a spin the shot decider spinning arrow. We also have a range of fantastic novelty bottle openers as well as wine stoppers and beer tasting paddles. Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend who loves nothing more than to get tipsy on the vino or the perfect house party entertainment, our collection of drinking-related gifts is sure to have just what you are looking for. 

Who would appreciate drinking-related gifts? 

While obviously perfect for anyone who enjoys a drink, the gifts within this range can be presented in a multitude of situations. Given the novelty nature of the items, they are perfect for little light-hearted gifts in the workplace for Christmas or birthdays for your colleagues. Some of these items, such as the games and books, would be perfect for the friend or relative who enjoys a party or who is off to university, providing an ideal way to break the ice and get everyone in their dorm room having a great time. 

When to play drinking games? 

There are lots of different drinking games to suit different types of people in a variety of situations. Some games, such as Cards against Humanity, can be quite graphic and coarse and should be reserved for an easier going and laid back crowd, whereas some games are more light-hearted and more likely to be enjoyed without reservation.  Drinking games have been around since the ancient Greeks, and it is not very hard to see why they have retained their popularity. 

What special occasions would these gifts be suitable for? 

These gifts can be given on significant occasions such as birthdays or Christmas but can also be just as effectively used for little light-hearted treats in the workplace or even as a humorous congratulations for a job well done for that person who enjoys the sauce! Whether it is an ideal birthday present for your brother at university or the ideal gift to help the host with the most, this fabulous range is suitable for all sorts of different special occasions. 

Do you have any other gifts that would complement these? 

Yes, we do. Why not pair one of our fabulous drinking-related gifts with one of our gift hampers. The beer tasting paddle, in particular, would complement our James Squire Ale Hamper perfectly. Or perhaps our Cape Mentelle Shiraz and Chardonnay Premium Gift Pack for a loved one who loves nothing more than enjoying a fine wine. Whether it is red or white wine and nibbles, or a bottle of the finest champagne, we have a wide selection of alcoholic gifts in stock. Or perhaps you could pair one of our novelty drinking gifts, with one of our unique experiences. With BBQ and beer classes across Australia, an urban beer odyssey in Melbourne, or perhaps a tour of one of Australia’s world-leading wineries available, amongst many others. If you are still unsure what would be the perfect gift for your loved one, feel free to call us on 1300 459 452. One of our friendly customer service team would be more than happy to provide you with any help, advice and suggestions, to assist you in providing the perfect gift. 

Is there anything else I need to remember? 

We would like to remind our customers to always remember to be responsible when drinking alcohol. Do not drink and drive or operate heavy machinery and do not drink if you are pregnant. Do not regularly exceed the recommended daily unit intake and please remember that drinking-related gifts are not suitable for people under the age of 18. 

Let's toast to turning 18 with our range of novelty drinking gifts that make a wonderful 18th birthday gift idea.

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