Do you have absolutely no idea what to give a male recipient for his birthday? No need to wonder longer, because Gifts Australia has a tremendous range of birthday gifts that is filled with unique experiences. Check out our range today for some amazing gift options!

Amazing 18th Birthday Experiences You Cannot Pass On!

Gifts Australia has an exquisite selection of 18th birthday gifts, which includes experiences as well! If you are looking for something truly original in our collection of 18th birthday gifts, we certainly recommend checking out the experiences section. The experiences in our catalogue of 18th birthday gifts will provide some unforgettable memories for any young adult! So, check out the suggestions from our 18th birthday gifts below to make sure your recipient does not miss out!

Which Daredevil Experiences Do You Suggest for 18-Year-Old Men?

Many 18-year-old men are daredevils! So, when you are browsing our 18th birthday gifts, you could certainly consider an adrenalin filled experience. There are several daredevil experience 18-year-olds will appreciate, but here are some of our personal favourites.

The first experience that is appreciated greatly in our experience is the Aerobatics Pitts Special Stunt Plane Experience in Sydney. During this experience, your 18-year-old recipient will enjoy a flight in a genuine stunt plane. It includes basic manoeuvres such as barrel rolls, but also exhilarating stunts such as four-point rolls! Perfect for a daredevil recipient!

Our 30-Minute Intro Jetpack/Jetboots Experience could also be an idea for a daredevil recipient. During this unique experience, your recipient gets to experience a full half hour wearing a jetpack or jetboots. The experience includes 10 minutes of guaranteed airtime, while the recipient is propelled above the water. What more could a daredevil need on his birthday?

Which Beer Experiences Do You Suggest for 18-Year-Old Men?

Since 18 is the legal drinking age in Australia, you could provide your 18-year-old recipient with a delightful beer experience in one of Australia’s beer hotspots. Of course, the location you choose will depend on where your recipient resides. Fortunately, Gifts Australia provides beer experiences across the country.

One of the beer experiences that will undoubtedly be appreciated by your 18-year-old recipient is the Urban Beer Odyssey for 2 in Melbourne. This experience can be enjoyed by your recipient and a companion of his choice, which is much more fun than on his own!

The Urban Beer Odyssey for 2 Experience includes many stops for beer tasting. During the Odyssey, the recipient and his companion will get a tour of breweries such as Carlton, United Breweries, Temple Brewery, and the Matilda Bay Brewery. Your recipient also gets to choose his final stop, more specifically the Mountain Goat or James Squire Brewery! The experience also includes drinks at the Kooinda Brewery, so it is certainly an experience that will introduce your recipient to the world of good Australian beer.

Coldie on the Goldie Brewery Tour is another experience that should be considered for your recipient’s birthday. It includes 6 hours of craft beer enjoyment; this by exploring some of the finest craft beer breweries in the Gold Coast.

In addition to several tours in the best Gold Coast breweries, Coldie on the Goldie Brewery Tour also includes transport in a private air-conditioned van, which also delivers some water and snacks. There is also time to enjoy lunch during this experience, so everything is taken care of!

Which Outdoor Experiences are Available for 18-Year-Old Men?

Is your recipient someone who prefers spending most of his time outdoors? If so, one of the outdoor experiences might go down well for his birthday. Gifts Australia has several options available; this goes from relaxing outdoor experiences to outright adrenalin-filling adventures.

For recipients who prefer a more relaxing outdoor experience, we suggest the Glamping Hub Voucher. With the Glamping Hub Voucher, your recipient can enjoy a wonderful outdoor camping trip, but do it with all the conveniences he gets at home. So, if your recipient misses his usual conveniences when he goes camping, a glamping experience might be the perfect solution.

Of course, there are recipients who like to feel some adrenalin when they spend time outdoors. For these recipients, we suggest an Abseiling & Rock Climbing Experience for his birthday.

The Abseiling & Rock Climbing Experience starts slowly with a 2-metre descent, which enables your recipient to get familiar with the abseiling & rock climbing process. Once the recipient is ready, the experience can get more intense with a 25-metre descent. Of course, there are other things to enjoy during this experience too; this includes a delicious gourmet picnic. What more could you need?

Where Can I Find More Experiences for an 18th Birthday?

There are more experiences that could be suitable for the 18th birthday of your recipient, since we only mentioned some of our gift ideas today. To get a full overview of 18th birthday experiences, simply head over to the “experiences” section on our website.

Do you need more suggested experiences for the 18th birthday of your recipient? Why not get some advice from the experts at Gifts Australia? To get some additional recommendations for experiences, please contact our team via chat, email, or telephone.

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