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Searching for the best birthday gifts for male recipients? Look no further, because Gifts Australia has a huge range of quality beer hampers, which contains the perfect beer gift for your male recipient!

Discover the Best Beer Hampers at Gifts Australia!

The beer hampers in our birthday gifts range have everything you need to give your recipient the ultimate surprise. Not sure which of our beer hampers will be best for your recipient? Discover the best birthday gifts from our beer hampers range and find the perfect gift for your male recipient below!

James Squire Ale Hamper

One of the well-known breweries in Australia is James Squire, a brewery known for their outstanding craft beers. The company was named after Australia’s first craft beer brewer, James Squire. Because of the original name of the brand, you can expect that each beer name also has a James Squire story behind it. 

In addition to the rich history and stories that accompany James Squire, you can also enjoy the premium taste of their beers. Inside this James Squire Ale Hamper, you will find some of their most prominent beers; this includes The Chancer, Stow Away, The Constable, One Fifty Lashes and Nine Tales. 

Our James Squire Ale Hamper also includes a large selection of savoury nibbles. Considering the variable tastes of James Squire craft beers, we decided to include savoury nibbles with variable flavours as well. To achieve this goal, we needed to look at savoury brands from around the world. Not only did we include national brands such as Jack’s Black Label, Morgan & Albert’s, Baylies Epicurean Delight and the Native Australian Chip Company, we also added an international treat called Gaea Sweet Sundried Tomato Tapenade. 

The James Squire Ale Hamper is the perfect present for men who like a good craft beer, but prefer Australian craft beers over others. The James Squire has quite a bit to offer, so be sure to try the James Squire Ale Hamper from our birthday gifts if you are a craft beer lover!

Premium United Nations Beer Hamper

Only true beer lovers can appreciate the diversity and exquisite tastes our Premium United Nations Beer Hamper has to offer. Inside this particular beer hamper, customers will find classic beers from Belgium, German and Italy; this includes Hoegaarden, Chimay, Menabrea, La Trappe and Bitburger. Each of these beers has built their reputation on excellence and craftsmanship.

The Premium United Nations Beer Hamper resembles the James Squire Ale Hamper in a way, since the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper also contains a selection of savoury nibbles that complement the beers inside. For the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper, we also selected well-established brands such as Morgan & Albert’s, Baylies Epicurean Delights, the Native Australian Chip Company and Gaea.

Our Premium United Nations Beer Hamper is suitable as a gift throughout the year, considering many of the beers inside this hamper are not bound by a specific season. So whether your recipient’s birthday is in the summer or winter, this hamper from our birthday gifts range is always going to fit the occasion.

Corona Beer Hamper

Even though Mexico is not exactly known for its beer, but more for its flavoured foods, there is a Mexican beer that is loved throughout the world – Corona beer. Corona is a pale lager made by a company called Cerveceria Modelo, which is situated in Mexico.

To present date, Corona is still one of the top-selling beers in the world. It can be drunk straight from the bottle, but some people like to drink it with a wedge of fresh lime and lemon to add even more flavour to this already exquisite beer. 

In some cases, Corona beer is also used to make cocktails, so getting one of our Corona hampers will give your recipient plenty of options on how to drink this outstanding release. Also included in this beer hamper is a good range of savoury nibbles; this includes Partridges Artisan Bakehouse Gourmet Crackers, Brewer’s Nut Company Mixes, Cat Cora’s Organic Green Olives with Basil & Lemon, Gaea Tapenade and La Morena Sliced Jalapenos in La Morena Sauce. All the flavours of the nibbles in this hamper also complement Corona beer!

Beers of Australia Hamper

Does your recipient prefer Australian beers? Then we can certainly recommend our Beers of Australia Hamper as your best birthday gift choice. The Beers of Australia Hamper contains some of the best craft beers, which includes James Squire the Chancer Golden Ale, Balmain Pale Ale, Mildura Beer Brewery Mallee Bull Beer, Monteith’s Golden Lager and Little Creatures Pale Ale.

All the breweries providing beers for this hamper have their own unique story, but one of the most fascinating is the story of the James Squire brewery. The James Squire Brewery named their company after Australia’s first craft beer brewer and each of their beers refers to a story about this remarkable and interesting man. 

Our Beers of Australia Hamper also includes nibbles that complement the beers, just like all the other beer hampers in our range. Head over to the Beers of Australia Hamper page now to discover more about this great beer hamper choice.

ANZAC Ciders Hamper

Our range of beer hampers would not be complete without a good range of ciders, so our ANZAC Ciders Hamper certainly needs to be mentioned in our range of best beer hampers. With our ANZAC Ciders Hamper, your recipient will be able to celebrate an important milestone with the best Aussie ciders and some gourmet nibbles.

The range of ciders in our ANZAC Ciders Hamper is certainly extraordinary, since this hamper includes famous and loved ciders such as Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider, Saxton Pear Cider, Three Oaks Original Pear Cider, Matilda Bay Dirty Granny Cider and Barossa Cider Co. Squashed Apple Cider.

To ensure your recipient does not get hungry while drinking the ciders in this hamper, we also included our classic beer-accompanying nibbles, more specifically Morgan & Albert’s Premium Nut Mixes, Baylies Epicurean Delights Lavash, Cat Cora’s Organic Green Olives, Native Australian Chip Company Honey Smoked BBQ & Wild Thyme and Gaea Sweet Sundried Tomato Tapenade. In conclusion, our Anzac Ciders Hamper is a gift that will bring much enjoyment.

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