'Once in a Lifetime'

Finding a present your recipient is never going to forget is never easy. Fortunately, it is not impossible with our once in a lifetime experiences from our birthday gifts range. Check out these birthday gifts today and find your recipient’s once in a lifetime experience!

Discover Our Once in a Lifetime Experiences from the Birthday Gifts Range!

There are some unique experiences in our range of birthday gifts. When you choose one of these once in a lifetime experiences, your recipient is surely to remember their experience for the rest of their life. Curious what our birthday gifts range has to offer? Discover the recommended once in a lifetime experiences from the birthday gifts range below!

Aircraft Aerobatics Experience Robin 2160: Sydney

One of the experiences a recipient will never forget is the Aircraft Aerobatics Experience, an adventurous flight in a genuine Robin 2160. During the experience, the participant gets to fly and do some stunts at a maximum height of 4000 feet.

Please note that there is a height restriction connected to this experience; this height restriction is put into place to guarantee the safety of the participant. In order to take advantage of this experience, participants must not exceed a height of 198 centimetre or be heavier than 110 kilograms.

Participants with a certain disability can still take advantage of this experience, because the company supplying this experience can cater to disabilities. Children under eighteen can also enjoy this adventurous flight, but must obtain full consent of their parents in order to do so. 

Ultimate Porsche Sydney Region Full Day Tour

Is your recipient not a thrill-seeker but a car lover? Then be sure to have a look at the Ultimate Porsche Sydney Region Full Day Tour experience. During this experience, participants will be taken for a 250-kilometre drive across Sydney and the South Coast region. While taking in the beautiful landscapes, participants can also enjoy the provided lunch and appreciate the scenery fully.

Helicopter Flight & Picnic Escape for 2

There are some unforgettable experiences in our range that are also romantic, which means these experiences can be the perfect birthday gift for your partner. One of these experiences is the Helicopter Flight & Picnic Escape for 2, an experience that takes you across the Hunter Valley and enables you to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Audrey Wilkinson Winery.

The experience starts with a fifteen-minute helicopter flight over the famous Hunter Valley. During this helicopter ride, the happy couple can take in the beautiful sights and soak in the atmosphere of the Hunter Valley region. When the helicopter ride is completed, the couple gets a chance to explore the stunning surroundings of the Audrey Wilkinson Winery, which his followed by a nice gourmet lunch and a bottle of wine from the Audrey Wilkinson range. 

Harbour Bridge & Northern Beaches Pitts Special Flight

If your recipient cannot get enough of aerobatics, then there are many more adventurous flights your recipient could take advantage of at Gifts Australia. In addition to a stunt flight in a Robin 2160, Gifts Australia also offers the Harbour Bridge & Northern Beaches Pits Special Flight, an aircraft aerobatics experience that enables you to discover the beauty of Sydney at the same time.

The Harbour Bridge & Northern Beaches Pitts Special Flight starts at Bankstown, Sydney. Upon arrival, the participant will be given a genuine flight suits and some general guidelines on what to expect during the flight. During the flight, participants will not only be able to enjoy some exhilarating stunts, because the plane will also fly over prime locations such as Sydney Olympic Park, St Ives, Hornsby, the Opera House and Taronga Zoo.

Tandem Skydive

Gifts Australia has no shortage of exhilarating experiences, especially when you incorporate a series of Tandem Skydive Experiences. One of these experiences you certainly cannot afford to miss is the Tandem Skydive at 14,000 feet at Mission Beach!

Adrenaline junkies are bound to appreciate the Tandem Skydive at Mission Beach. The Tandem Skydive is suitable for beginners, considering tandem skydiving is considered to be the safest way for beginners to get started.

The jump itself will be taking place at 14,000 feet, right above the well-known Bali Hai Skydive Resort. The Bali Hal Skydive Resort is currently one of the most high-end skydiving locations in the country, where participants are able to enjoy the 32 acres of beach and beautiful surroundings that remind you of a genuine tropical island. 

Choosing this particular experience from our range comes with extra benefits as well. Participants can enjoy the on-site café, which includes some pool tables, full internet access, hammocks and beach volleyball courts. 

Adult Swim with Sea Lions Experience

Some experiences are not only adventurous; they are also cute. Our Adult Swim with Sea Lions is the perfect example of such an experience, since this experience enables participants to spend half a day swimming with these endangered Australian treasures.

The Australian sea lions have been on the endangered species list for years, which means swimming with them is an absolute privilege. The Adult Swim with Sea Lions departs from the Port Lincoln Marina at 8 am and then returns around noon. The experience is held with a minimum of four passengers and a maximum of eighteen. Participants will also get a chance to chat with one of the expert guides who will be present during the journey.

Our Adult Swim with Sea Lions Experience operates under the Advanced ECO Certification, this means that the sea lion experience must meet strict guidelines and will not have an impact on the habitat or the wellbeing of the sea lions you will encounter. It is an environmentally-friendly adventure, so it is suitable for those who are concerned about the environment and dedicated to preserve it.

Other Exhilarating Experiences at Gifts Australia

The recommended adventurous experiences above are just a few examples of the unique experiences we offer at Gifts Australia. Be sure to check out our entire range of experiences to find a suitable gift for your recipient!

They'll be forever grateful for the unforgettable memories with an experience voucher for their 18th birthday gift.

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