Gift something your recipient is never going to forget with Gifts Australia’s experiences! Explore our birthday gifts range today and find an experience your recipient will remember forever!

Explore the Recommended Experiences from our Birthday Gifts Range!

Gifting a physical gift is one thing, but what if you could give someone a birthday gift they are never going to forget for the rest of their lives? This is exactly what you will be able to do when you choose our range of birthday gifts, because our birthday gifts range is filled with extraordinary experiences. Read on to discover the recommended experiences from this birthday gifts range!

Aircraft Aerobatics Experience Robin 2160: Sydney

The real daredevils amongst recipients are bound to appreciate this one – an outstanding aircraft aerobatics experience in Sydney. During this experience, the recipient will be able to climb to a height up to 4000 feet, while doing some daring loops and rolls under the supervision of an experienced pilot. It is one of our most daring experiences, so this adventure is a great idea for those thrill-seeking recipients.

Recipients receiving this experience as a birthday gift will start their journey in Bankstown. Upon arrival, the participant will get a flight suit, flight helmet and dedicated headphones, ensuring he or she is fully equipped for this daring adventure. There will also be time for some pictures, just in case you want a nice image to remember the occasion. 

Once all the formalities are taken care of, the participant will be ready for take-off. During the experience, participant and pilot will communicate via headset, while flying over areas such as the Great Dividing Range and St Mary’s. It is an experience that is filled with beautiful scenery, but also plenty of adventure. Maybe it is the ideal gift for your recipient?

Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack

Tired of paintballing in a scenery of hay bales? Say goodbye to old-fashioned paintballing, because Gifts Australia has a very special paintballing experience in the birthday gifts range! The Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack is Australia’s best paintballing experience, set in an adventurous environment that allows for some spectacular paintballing matches.

The Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack includes all the equipment you will be needing for your amazing adventure; this includes 1500 paintballs and body armour. Participants can also choose from some original backdrops you will not easily find with other paintballing companies, for example double decker busses, hawk helicopters and large pyramids. In conclusion, an experience nobody will forget any time soon!

Glamping Cockatoo Island (1 night)

Less is often more, which is why our experiences also contain glamping experiences for one night at the marvellous Cockatoo Island. Recipients who consider themselves being outdoorsy, but do struggle to say goodbye to some of the luxuries they have become accustomed to, will appreciate a glamping experience from our birthday gifts range the most.

Participants of the glamping experience will stay in a genuine Safari Bow Tent, which is equipped with two camp beds, bed linen, sun lounges, lantern, towels, and a cooler box for all the foods and drinks you want to bring. Participants also get access to the communal kitchen, where they can use the provided microwaves, fridges and ten barbecues. Sound like fun? Check out our glamping experiences and decide if this is the right way to celebrate a milestone!

Ultimate Porsche Sydney Region Full Day Tour

What would your recipient say to a 250-kilometre ride along scenic routes in a genuine Porsche? If your recipient is a genuine car enthusiast and likes a little bit of adventure, while surrounded by luxury, our Ultimate Porsche Experience will be perfect!

Participants partaking in the Ultimate Porsche experience start their journey at the Royal National Park. There, they begin their breathtaking drive through unforgettable Australian landscapes. During the journey, participants will also get a lunch while they enjoy the surrounding scenery.

After a 250-kilometre ride, the journey ends at the Sea Cliff Bridge, where participants can take in all the wonder that is accompanied by this place. It is an action-packed day, but it does not leave behind any luxury thanks to the excellent Porsches that will be provided!

Wood Fired Pizza Class

Some men and women who reach adulthood are not much for adventure, at least not at first glance, because some prefer the adventure of a quality culinary class. When you hit 18, you will have to start cooking for yourself, which is why our Wood Fired Pizza Class may be an excellent idea for an 18th birthday.

During the Wood Fired Pizza Class, participants get to see the kitchen garden, which is surrounded by more than 27 acres of sustainable farmland. While exploring the garden, participants also get to choose some of the ingredients they will be using to create their own pizza. 

The actual class takes place from 9 am and lasts until 12 pm. Once the class is completed, participants can enjoy some good food and drink as well, because the class is followed by a wine tasting and a relaxing lunch in the beautiful environment of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Blue Mountains ¾ Multi Pitch Abseiling

Our Aerobatics Experience is not the only experience at Gifts Australia that suits thrill-seekers, because we also have the Blue Mountains ¾ Multi Pitch Abseiling Experience. During this experience, participants get to choose from three different locations, depending on their fitness and experience level. Abseiling locations include Boars Head, Board Head Eagles Dare and Malaita Point.

The Blue Mountains ¾ Multi Pitch Abseiling Experience is suitable for beginners as well as experienced abseilers, considering there is a suitable location for participants of every skill level. The organisers of this experience also supply some lunch, which participants can enjoy while taking in their beautiful surroundings.

Please note that those who want to participate in the Blue Mountains ¾ Multi Pitch Abseiling Experience must have a reasonable fitness level. Abseiling can be physically demanding, so it can be a good idea to prepare for your adventure so you can enjoy the experience fully.

Give the gift of an unforgettable 18th Birthday gift with our range of experience vouchers for adventure and play!

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