Kris Kringle

Gifts Australia has an amazing selection of Kris Kringle gifts for you this year. From prank gifts to functional novelty gifts, you can find it all in the Kris Kringle gifts section at Gifts Australia.

Opposed to other collections of Kris Kringle gifts out there, Gifts Australia has put in a large amount of effort to come up with the most amazing Kris Kringle gift ideas. While our Kris Kringle gifts remain funny, they can also be incredibly functional. Discover some of our functional options such as The Artico Rechargeable Book Light, The “Aussie” Button, and the Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer.

When you have an office party coming along and you need some gifts, you can also count on Gifts Australia! You can rely on our regular range of Kris Kringle gifts, but also on some amazing wines from Australia and France. So, whether you are looking for something funny or serious, we have you covered either way.

To take full advantage of everything our range has to offer you this year, we urge you to check out the Kris Kringle gifts catalogue. Check out the hand-picked gifts our team has acquired and surprise a colleague with an amazing surprise during the holidays.

When you shop at Gifts Australia this holiday season, you can also count on a delivery up to Christmas Eve. Have you totally forgotten about the office party that is taking place in a couple of days? Or did you not have time to acquire some Kris Kringle gifts for your co-workers? We have you covered this year!

The Top Kris Kringle Gifts for Christmas 2020!

When you are looking for original Kris Kringle gifts this holiday season, you do not have to look further than Gifts Australia. Our collection is packed with amazing Kris Kringle gift ideas, providing you with something to look forward to. If you need some inspiration for the annual office Christmas party, be sure to check out these amazing options at Gifts Australia.

What Is the First Recommended Kris Kringle Gift for 2020?

Some Kris Kringle gifts are so functional, you probably wished you had discovered them earlier. One of these options is the Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer, which takes all the hard work out of shaking your cocktails.

The Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer is the perfect gift for a recipient who enjoys the regular cocktail party. The Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer from Giftworks has a capacity of 530 millilitres and is made from a combination of acrylic and stainless steel. With this marvellous device from the Kris Kringle gifts range, you recipient can shake anything from cocktails to energy drinks, health drinks, and supplement drinks. So, this convenient gadget will be used for a lot more than the occasional party or gathering.

What Is the Second Recommended Kris Kringle Gift for 2020?

Is one of your co-workers quite the wiz when it comes to building things? If so, you may want to consider the Build-a-Boombox Speaker, which could also be a good addition for the office Christmas party.

The Build-a-Boombox Speaker from Gifts Australia is a DIY speaker that does not require any wires, electricity or batteries. The device is designed to amplify sound from your smartphone, which everyone owns these days. So, if there is no room in the workplace for additional technology working on electrics, why not get this marvellous boombox instead?

What Is the Third Recommended Kris Kringle Gift for 2018?

Many of our co-workers like a nice tipple in the pub. These co-workers also tend to enjoy a pub game, whether it be snooker, pool, or darts. For those colleagues who love darts, we recommend The Official Bar Guide to Darts from our Kris Kringle gifts collection.

The Official Bar Guide to Darts provides darts players with a treasure trove of information. By paying attention to the tiniest detail, this book can turn any rookie darts player into a professional. Since The Official Bar Guide to Darts is written by someone with an actual PhD in darts, you cannot go wrong by gifting this book during the holiday season.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Kris Kringle Gift for 2020?

Do you know someone who loves to bake her own cakes? Or is one of your co-workers obsessed with cake decorations? Whichever of these recipients you are buying for, we recommend the Cake Decorating Piping Set from the Kris Kringle gifts section.

The Cake Decorating Piping Set is a traditional cake decorating bag, which comes with five interchangeable nozzles. Each nozzle provides a unique cake design, ranging from swirls and shells to stars and writing.

Each of the nozzles included in the Cake Decorating Piping Set is made with a food-safe silicone material, so bakers do not need to worry when using the nozzles for cupcakes and full-blown birthday cakes. Of course, the material is also durable, ensuring these nozzles will be used for years to come.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Kris Kringle Gift for 2020?

Those of you who are looking for something truly original do not have to look far in the Kris Kringle gifts collection of Gifts Australia. In fact, we have added a bunch of new gifts this year, including the Musical Plant Pot Speaker.

The Musical Plant Pot Speaker is one of those Kris Kringle gifts you cannot ignore. It is a device that is cleverly disguised as a potted plant but is actual a covert Bluetooth speaker! It even has some LED lights to make the entire thing more festive. In short, the perfect disguise for office environments.

When you choose the Musical Plant Pot Speaker from out catalogue, you can count on a Bluetooth range of 10 metres. It also has 12 hours of playtime, so once the boss is out of the office, nothing is stopping you from sitting back and enjoying some happy tunes!

Need more inspiration for Kris Kringle this year? Be sure to check out the rest of our collection! With countless unique options to choose from, we are sure this Kris Kringle will be a special one.

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