Food Truck Bird Feeder

Ceramic and Metal Bird Feeder with Twine

Food Truck Bird Feeder

Ceramic and Metal Bird Feeder with Twine


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Who says birds don’t like food trucks just as much as humans do? This ceramic bird feeder will certainly make all your neighborhood birds tweet with pure joy!


There’s nothing better than cheap, delicious food truck food. Even birds seem to love a good food truck meal! Now you can give your neighborhood birds what they want: a food truck made just for them. This bird feeder is ceramic and comes with a removable metal tray. The tray fits inside the feeder and has a perch on each side. The Food Truck Bird Feeder comes twine, so you can hang the feeder wherever you like.

Dimensions: 175x155x140mm

Is your neighborhood filled with hipster birds? Pick up the Food Truck Bird Feeder today from Gifts Australia and browse the site for nifty homeware items.

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Food Truck Bird Feeder

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If you want to give a Christmas gift that is sure to leave a mark, you can never go wrong with the Food Truck Bird Feeder from Gifts Australia. For bird enthusiasts and lovers, there is no better gift than one which will attract birds to their homes, giving them free passes for bird watching and bird maintenance.

The Food Truck Bird Feeder is designed by Carl Mitsch from Fred Studios. Fred Studios, the manufacturer of the Food Truck Bird Feeder, believes that what drives businesses to success are aesthetically-pleasing yet useful designs. That is the reason why no matter where its designers are in the world, the quality of all Fred Studios products is guaranteed to be incredible. Fred Studios believes that in order to get perfect products and guarantee customer satisfaction, the manufacturing process must have close and relentless supervision.

The hard work of Fred Studios has paid off with its production of the Food Truck Bird Feeder. The Food Truck Bird Feeder weighs 1.4 lbs, has a 7 W x 6.0 H x 4.75 L dimension, and is made from ceramic and steel.

The size and weight of the Food Truck Bird Feeder has been carefully designed. Although the Food Truck Bird Feeder may be easily lifted, its shape and build makes it hard for the wind and other external factors to destroy or damage the product. Since the product is also made from ceramic and stainless steel, you can be sure that no matter what the weather is, your Food Truck Bird Feeder will remain standing proud and strong.

Apart from its utility, having ceramic and steel bases are one of the strongest points of the Food Truck Bird Feeder. The build of the product, as previously mentioned, is perfect for its use. Birds who come along the Food Truck Bird Feeder won’t be harmed by the material, even if it is exposed to sunlight and other harsh extremities. It is also easy to clean, making this product not as stressful to maintain as other Xmas gifts from other people.

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As previously mentioned, the aesthetic value of the Food Truck Bird Feeder is also an added plus. The design of a food truck as a bird feeder is a contemporary design that will certainly draw attention from one’s visitors. It is a conversation-starter, and once the birds are ensnared by the offers of foods and seeds in the bird feeder, you can bet that your yard will look both magical and whimsical at the same time.
If you give this as a Christmas gift to a friend who fervently loves birds, your friend will never forget how much effort you’ve given into looking for this unique and incredible gift.

Where to Get Unique Xmas Gifts in Australia

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