Cider & Ale Trail, Yarra Valley

Drink great beer, eat sumptuous food in the Yarra Valley


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Explore some of Australia's best breweries and cideries, drinking great beer and eating sumptuous food in the Yarra Valley, one hour from Melbourne.


Yarra Vally Cider & Ale Trail

The Yarra Valley Cider and Ale Trail is an indulgent, one-of-a-kind travel and gastronomic experience into the heart of Victoria and a sophisticated choice when looking for gifts for men. Guests to this special tour are introduced to the tasting paddle, a delightful contraption that holds different kinds of ales and ciders, each well-crafted and uniquely-flavoured. 

A gorgeous brewery and cidery region, the Yarra Valley has steadily earned a name for itself as an essential pit stop among locals and international visitors alike with its breathtaking natural landscape and year-round cool climate that adds to its popularity as a luxurious day drive that is easily accessible from the Victorian capital of Melbourne.

For the receiver, a gift becomes extra special when a personal touch is added upon its selection. The Yarra Valley Cider and Ale Trail is sure to tug at the heartstrings of any beer enthusiast, adventurous gourmet, or the nature traveller who enjoys savouring good food and award-winning ales and ciders. Loved ones will keep wonderful and sweet memories of their day in the most luscious valley this side of Australia, your sweet reward as the giver of this truly unique experience, an exquisite pick for gifts for men.

Yarra Valley, a paradise for the senses

There are plenty of great reasons why the Yarra Valley Cider and Ale Trail is your best option when looking for gifts for men. Aside from the great home-grown breweries and gourmet food that entices even the most discerning palate, the beautiful natural landscape and year-long cool climate completes this epic sensual adventure for any bon vivant.

The Yarra Valley holds a prominent spot on the world beer map with its lush valley and flourishing microbreweries and cideries ready to offer beer enthusiasts their well-crafted ales, lagers and ciders for the taking, truly a prime choice when looking for gifts for men. 

Well-crafted cider and ales by some of Australia’s top microbreweries and cideries

Aussie Brewery Tours loves flexible touring, free from time constraints and overbearing guides. Forget the winery tour model – come in, have the smallest taste possible, then we will all stare at you awkwardly until you sign up to our wine club, buy a case and get out. Our tours are about generous tastings and soaking up the atmosphere of each different venue with a glass of your favourite. We know when it is time to move on when there are more empty glasses than full glasses.

This relaxed touring, coupled with a wide range of partners, ensures that we have numerous different venues (brew pubs & restaurants, tastings rooms, beer gardens, etc) which have different products (gin, fruit wines, beers, ciders, kombucha, gourmet food, etc) that allow us to pick the best of the best for that particular tour day. We may mix up our itinerary depending on the season, day of the week, what speciality products are available, traffic and big events, the weather and venue constraints (like when a brewery recently had a spill and had to shut for the day – thankfully they spilled cleaning products and not beer, phew!).

So rather than a detailed, minute by minute itinerary, we will tell you about some of the stops we visit each day:

  • Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse: With over 10 different beers and ciders to sample and VIP access to their brewery and beer garden, this is fantastic and immersive stop.
  • St Ronan's Cider at Badget Creek Blueberry Winery: Over 8 different ciders, ports, blueberry wines and champagnes to try before we shout you a complimentary drink of your favourite.
  • Buckley's Beer: The oldest brewery in the Yarra Valley will see us try their range of lagers and ales, as well as cheeky kombucha or two.
  • Hargreaves Hill Brewery: Amazing tasting paddles and mouth watering food await you at Hargreaves Hill all washed down with a glass of your favourite beer or cider.
  • Coldstream Brewery: A great little brewery pub, Grab a tasting paddle, a glass of their beer or cider or even treat yourself to a cider cocktail!
  • Public Brewery: Try one of their beers or one from their extensive range of beer, wine and cider from around Victoria as you chill out in their beer garden.
  • Four Pillars Gin Distillery: Immerse yourself in the world of gin with a tasting at this award winning state of the art distillery.
  • Riders Brewing Co & Kellbrothers cider at Kellybrook winery: We will stop in at their family owned and run winery to sample their fantastic ciders, beers and calvados (apple brandy).

A classy weekender treat that is both sweet and intoxicating, with lots of brain food thrown into the mix as one learns about the history of ale and cider-making in this region, the Yarra Valley Cider and Ale Trail is one for the books when it comes to decadent and tasteful gifts for men.

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What Beer Gift Do You Recommend for a Milestone Birthday?

If your recipient is celebrating a milestone birthday, we suggest choosing a beer gift from our experiences range. Celebrating a new milestone in life is all about creating new memories, something that is certainly possible with a beer experience from Gifts Australia.

One beer experience suitable for a milestone birthday is the Cider & Ale Trail in Yarra Valley. This experience is a genuine beer tour, which takes the participant along some of the must-see sights for Australian beer lovers; this may include the Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse, St. Ronan’s Cider at Badget Creek Blueberry Winery, Buckley’s Beer, Hargreaves Hill Brewery, Coldstream Brewery, Public Brewery, Four Pillars Gin Distillery, and many others!

Please note that the itinerary for the Yarra Valley Cider & Ale Trail may vary by the time of year your recipient takes the tour. Of course, no matter which time of year this tour is taken, participants can always rely on an unforgettable experience!

What Beer Gift Do You Recommend for an Anniversary?

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Do you have a question about any of the beer gifts at Gifts Australia? Or would you like to speak to one of our representatives to find the perfect gift for your recipient? Feel free to contact the Gifts Australia team for some assistance.

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