Beers of Australia Hamper

Ales, nibbles, chips and more


Beers of Australia Hamper

Beers are always associated with real men; probably this is the reason behind why most men prefer to drink beer on certain occasions and even on their leisure time. So if you are looking for the best beer hamper to save money, Gifts Australia has a lot of beer hampers to offer you and one of which is the Beers of Australia Hamper for only $99. What's great about this beer hamper is the fact that it comes with a custom made, professionally done and attractive looking beer crate. It's not just the presentation that matters but as well as the contents, therefore Gifts Australia made it a point to include only the best beers there is. 

Tasty Contents of Beers of Australia Hamper

For $99, this hamper is filled with tasty contents one wouldn't think possible for such an affordable price. Gifts Australia sees to it that this hamper has everything a beer lover would like to drink such as the Balmain Pale Ale in a 330ml bottle. Having this ale in the hamper is truly a sign that only the bests are included, this ale was said to be launched way back in May 2010 to celebrate pub traditions. Aside from Balmain Pale, there are Little Creatures Pale Ale, and James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale which a lot of Aussies love drinking. Aside from Ales, there are Mildura Brewery Mallee Bull, and the Monteiths Golden Lager. 

Of course, food will never be forgotten. So when purchasing this hamper, you don’t have to worry of what chips to match your beers. This hamper presents you with the best nibbles there is such as the Pride of Morgan & Albert's Brewer's Blend and its Portuguese BBQ Peanuts. These nibbles are certified yummy. There’s also the delicious potato chip of Thomas Chipman. So having this hamper for only $99 is your best choice, it comes with both beers and chips and nibbles that are world class.

Gifts Australia; Your Top Rated Hamper Provider

Although there are dozens of sites providing hampers online, some are not as impressive as Gifts Australia. Beers and tasty treats are packed into one and enjoyed by many, that's the pleasure Gifts Australia can offer. So purchase this hamper, have no doubts when it comes to quality and presentation. The team knows how to make you or the recipient 100% satisfied with the product. If you're not from Australia but want to avail this affordable hamper, the team offers the product in different currencies such as New Zealand; the United States; Europe and Great British Pound currencies are all available. Simply click the currency you want to use and add it to your cart. Gifts Australia offers not just world class items; the team provides impeccable service in case you need assistance with something on the site online. Your money will never be wasted, you get more than what you paid for and that is what Gifts Australia is all about; quality service, economical products that are of high quality.


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