Pure Baby Bunny Rug Grey Stripe

A bunny rug to add warmth to swaddled newborn or for in the pram 100% organic cotton, 80 x 80cm from Australia's most loved baby brand. Looking for a Great Newborn Baby Gift? Discover Our Gift Hampers and the Pure Baby Bunny Rug!

Hamper Emporium has some great baby gift hampers available for you and one of them contains this gorgeous Pure Baby bunny rug with grey stripes. As you may know, the Pure Baby brand only delivers completely organic products, this means nothing but benefits for your baby!

What Is A Bunny Rug?

A bunny rug is a small blanket that is used for wrapping newborn babies in. These types of blankets are usually made from Pure Cotton, which makes the baby a lot more comfortable. Cotton stretches slightly more than other materials and is a lot warmer and comfortable than a muslin wrap.

The bunny rug you find in our gift hampers are not only used to keep the baby warm and wrapped, they can also be used in the pram to provide extra comfort.

What Are The Benefits Of This Particular Bunny Rug?

The main benefit of the bunny rug that you will find in our range of gift hampers is the fact that it is completely organic. Organic baby products from Pure Baby are completely biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

Organic bunny rugs will not set off any allergies babies may have, nor will they bring harm to the skin of the baby because the bunny rugs in our gift hampers do not contain any harmful chemicals.

In short, when you choose the grey bunny rug from one of our gift hampers you can be sure that your baby will be safe and protected all the time!

Do You Have More Organic Baby Products?

Hamper Emporium has many organic products in its range of baby hampers. We do not only offer the organic brand Pure Baby, but also Nature’s Child! In our range of baby hampers you will also find other organic products such as face washers, organic shampoo and much more.

To see our entire range of organic baby hampers, please go to our baby hampers section and choose the best baby gift hamper for you!

Do You Have Other Hampers As Well?

At Hamper Emporium you can obtain any hamper you want. In addition to baby hampers, we also offer a large selection of corporate hampers and Christmas hampers.

Hamper Emporium is especially proud of its selection of Christmas hampers, because they are something truly special. Our Christmas hampers only contain high quality products and this includes chocolate, gourmet food and all types of alcoholic beverages.

For example, men will find a large selection of Christmas hampers containing beer and delicious snacks, while women can count on a selection of Christmas hampers with beauty products.

Do You Have Questions About Our Bunny Rug?

Customers who have questions about the Pure Baby bunny rug can always contact our customer support team. When you surf to our contact us page, you will find an enquiry form where you can enter your details and your question. Our customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible. Hamper Emporium customers can also contact us directly by calling 1300 459 452. 

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