MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Hand & Body Wash and Milk

Mesmerising fragrance of Marshmallow in a hydrating Hand and Body Wash and moisturizing Hand and Body Milk.

One of the most popular releases from the MOR Cosmetics brand, the Marshmallow hand wash and body wash.
The Best Hydration for Your Skin? Find It In Our Gift Hampers with MOR Twinkle Marshmallow!

Hamper Emporium has some amazing gift hampers available. Where beauty products are concerned, we prefer to use gift hampers with MOR Cosmetics. MOR is a true leader of the Australian Beauty industry and so is their set of MOR Twinkle Marshmallow. Let us take a closer look at the MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Set in our gift hampers!

Can You Provide More Information On The MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Set?

Customers who choose one of our gift hampers with the MOR Twinkle Marshmallow set will receive the luxurious MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Hand & Body Wash and Milk.

The MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Hand & Body wash is meant to refresh your skin and maintain its moisture and softness. To give your skin more moisture, you will find ingredients such as apricot, hazel oil, glycerin and lactic acid.

First of all, apricot is a very important ingredient in this mix. As you may already know, apricot can heal damaged skin. Apricot will also soften the skin thanks to a high concentration of vitamin C. 

People who suffer from eczema can also obtain benefits from the MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Hand & Body Wash and Milk. Apricot is known to treat skin conditions, including eczema, without making your skin oily or fatty.

Hazelnut oil is also a beneficial ingredient for the skin, since it functions as an excellent, natural toner. Hazelnut oil also rejuvenates your skin, providing you with brilliant anti-ageing effects.

Customers will also find that hazelnut oil is a great source of vitamin E, a vitamin you will often find in sunscreens. The MOR Twinkle Marshmallow will therefore provide you with some protection against harmful sun rays as well.

Where Can I Find The MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Set?

Hamper Emporium customers can find the MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Set in the Moet & MOR gift hampers. In addition to the MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Set, you will also find a gorgeous Moet & Chandon champagne and delicate French Biscuit roses. In short, for a true pampering experience, count on the Moet & MOR gift hampers from Hamper Emporium!

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Hamper Emporium also has a nice selection of gourmet Christmas hampers and chocolate Christmas hampers, so you will find something suitable for everyone! 

All our Christmas hampers can also be used as corporate gifts. To find the best choices easier, please click on our corporate hampers section. Businesses can also add their logo or other corporate branding to make their hampers even more special!

Need More Information about MOR Twinkle Marshmallow?

Do you require more information about the MOR Twinkle Marshmallow Set? Then do not hesitate to call the Hamper Emporium customer support. Simply dial 1300 459 452 to speak to one of our gift experts!

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