MOR Belladonna Emporium Body Butter 50g

Light textured Body Butter is perfect for all skin types that desire a soft yet rich moisturiser, infused with a delicious scent. Luxurious body butter from cosmetics giant MOR, perfect for dry hands, elbows, knees and feet.
The use of lotion is what most women are familiar about. Only few discovered the many wonders of using body butter to skin. Good thing there are gift hampers online that offers body butter as part of the package, which can be given during Christmas and other important occasions to special someone. One of the highly recommended body butter to use is the MOR Belladonna Emporium Body Butter. This one is priced low and is usually included in The Hamper Emporium’s gift hampers because of its safe and trusted ingredients, which can moisturise ones’ skin to make it feeling soft and smooth all day. The wonders of body butter are exceptional, once used there's no turning back.  

What Are The Benefits of Using Body Butter?

Body butter and lotion are considered by many as the same product, the truth is it shouldn't be the same. Unlike lotion, the body butter can do more such as moisturise your skin deeply, which can last longer than lotion. There are different types of body butter ranging from natural ones to those with chemical contents. To ensure your skin's safety, make sure to check on gift hampers with the MOR Belladonna Emporium Body Butter in 50g packaging. This product is perfect for all types of skin, and it does not matter if you have sensitive one or not. Here are few of the many benefits of using body butter to your skin. 

Once applied, it penetrates deeply to your skin thus revitalising it easily. It offers ultra moisturising effect that can help rejuvenates your skin, recondition it and above all hydrate it. So achieving a smooth and healthy skin is possible. So if you know someone who wants to have a glowing skin, why not purchase gift hampers direct from The Hamper Emporium and make sure it contains the MOR Belladonna Emporium Body Butter.

Is Giving Gift Hampers with MOR Belladonna Emporium Body Butter Perfect for People with Dry Skin?

If you happen to know someone who has extremely dry skin, gift hampers containing body butter is just what you need to give. Believe it or not, body butter is perfect for people with extremely dry skin. Once used, you will notice the difference instantly, giving you the skin you always dreamed of. It can also prevent minor irritations so hurry and purchase gift hampers with body butter from The Hamper Emporium for less.

Is Body Butter Greasy?

Although there is some greasy body butter, there are also some that are not. The MOR Belladonna Emporium Body Butter is certainly not greasy! MOR understands the need to walk around feeling comfortable with your skin, for sure no one wants to walk around and spend time with friends with a greasy skin, right? So make sure to grab gift hampers with MOR body butter, it is non-greasy, totally not sticky and it even smells nice! Now that you are aware of the body butter's wonderful benefits, grab gift hampers of The Hamper Emporium now and start caring for your skin.

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