Marquise Bassinet Knitted Blanket in Pink

A truly versatile gift for new baby and parents, use this 100% soft cotton blanket in the cot, in the pram or in the car.

Gifts Australia’s Recommended Gift Ideas for Newborns and Toddler

Giving a present is expected when there is a new addition to the family, so there are many gift ideas you can find online. Unfortunately, having a lot of gift ideas to choose from does not make your decision any easier, so to give you some quick and easy gift ideas, here are the most popular gifts for newborns and toddlers.

The Pink Knit Blanket & Sophie Hamper

There are some iconic toys in our birthday gifts for kids range, but you can also find them in our hampers for newborns. Our Pink Knit Blanket & Sophie Hamper contains the iconic Sophie La Giraffe Teether, which make babies more comfortable when they start teething.

The Sophie La Giraffe Teether was first manufactured in France in 1961, and is now one of the favourite teething rings of parents across the globe. So, if you need a present for a newborn, be sure to consider this teething ring, since it could prevent a lot of problems for parents in the future.

Our Pink Knit Blanket & Sophie Hamper also includes the Marquise Bassinet Knitted Blanket in Pink. The blanket is made from a 100% cotton, and is an ideal blanket to use in the pram or in the car. The blanket is bound to keep the little baby warm and comfortable, so this gift from our gift ideas range should certainly be considered.

The Marquise Dressing Gown for Girls and Boys

Inside our range of birthday gifts for kids, there are many presents for toddlers as well. One of these birthday gifts for kids is the Marquise Dressing Gown, available in blue and pink. The dressing gown is most suitable for children between the age of three and five, since this dressing gown is available in size three, four and five.

Marquise is a baby clothing brand that has been around for decades. The brand is known for the use of organic cotton, creating one of the safest and most reliable clothing options around. Even though we have other exquisite clothing brands available, the dressing gowns from Marquise are an absolute must.

The Sunnylife Baby Float Swan

Our collection of birthday gifts for kids also contains floats, which could be used to spend a day at the pool or the beach. At Gifts Australia, you will find suitable floats for children of all ages, so you can easily find a suitable float for your recipient.

One of the floats from the birthday gifts for kids range is the Sunnylife Baby Float Swan, which is suitable for children between the age of eight and twenty-four months. The float measures a reasonable 83 x 72 x 50 centimetres, and is made from durable 0.2 PVC plastic, so the child in question will get a lot of use from it.

Do you need a float for another age range? Then be sure to look at our other gift ideas for children and pick a float that is suitable for your recipient. Our range also includes floats for adults, so there is something fun for everyone.

The Tiger Alarm Bedside Table Clock

Every child should have a themed clock in their bedroom, so the Tiger Alarm Bedside Table Clock may be a good gift choice for a little boy. This alarm clock has a beautiful design of a tiger in the middle, and a yellow colour on the outside. The Tiger Alarm Bedside Table Clock works with a wind-up mechanism, which means you will never have to worry about empty batteries.

The Tiger Alarm Bedside Table Clock is best suited for little boys, but there is also an alternative for little girls – the Happy Valley Bedside Table Clock. Instead of a yellow colour, this clock has a pink colour. It also has an image of forest creatures in the middle, which makes it especially suitable for the bedroom of a little girl.

Two Hands to Love You

The Two Hands to Love You book is a good gift for pre-schoolers. It features a story about parents, and the things they do while children grow. The text inside the book is written in rhyme, which gives the entire book a rocking feel when it gets read aloud. Therefore, this book is best read as a bedtime story.

The Sophie the Giraffe Bonbon Kids Sunglasses

Fashion-conscious little girls will love a nice pair of sunglasses from Sophie the Giraffe. The Sophie the Giraffe Bonbon Kids Sunglasses have a beautiful pink design, and contain shatterproof lenses, so these glasses are not only stylish, they are perfectly safe for younger girls as well.

The lenses included in the Sophie the Giraffe Bonbon Kids Sunglasses are not only shatterproof, they provide UVA & UVB protection as well. They are made to meet the strict Australian standards AS/NZS 1067;2003, which means they are certainly not the average pair of sunglasses you will find at a beach shop.

To ensure the Sophie the Giraffe Bonbon Kids Sunglasses are protected when they aren’t worn, these sunglasses also come with a protective pouch and a removable silicone head strap. So, no matter where your little girl is, these glasses will always be safe and protected.

In addition to girl’s sunglasses from Sophie the Giraffe, our range also includes some Sophie the Giraffe sunglasses for boys. There are also various models available, so if you do not particularly like the Sophie the Giraffe Bonbon Kids Sunglasses, there are other frames available too.

Other Great Gifts for Newborns and Toddlers

Our range is packed with quality gifts for newborns and toddlers, so if you have not found the perfect gift in our overview of gift ideas, there are many gifts that could be perfect for your young recipient. To get an overview of these presents, hover over the “kids” link on the main menu and select the appropriate age range from the dropdown menu.

Need some additional gift ideas for newborns or toddlers? Use our online message system on the website, or give us a call to get some advice on gifts for newborns or toddlers.

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