Cooking and BBQ Books

If you know that special someone who loves their cooking and BBQ then Gifts Australia has the perfect present idea. Our large range of Cooking and BBQ books for him will both inspire and excite him to try out new receipts. From Mexican inspired books to books just about meat there is something for every Chef and Foodie out there. Enjoy our range of books available now. 

Cooking and BBQ Books

They say that only women are into cooking. Well, we are not sure of that because famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone exist. Although it is uncertain if men like cooking, what we are sure of is that they love grilling and cocktail mixing. So if you are thinking of something to give as your gifts for a friend, a relative, or your special someone, cooking and BBQ books are indeed good ideas for your gifts for him.

What Gifts for Him Can Gifts Australia Offer?

Here at Gifts Australia, we really think that a book is one of the best gifts for him. We actually have a separate page for books on our website, which has a subcategory for cooking and BBQ books. We intentionally put them under the page of gifts for him because we observed that most of our customers prefer giving recipe books as gifts for men. If you will browse our page for cooking and BBQ books, the available books are not only about grilling and cooking. There are also books about baking, mixing cocktails, and more.

Available Recipe Books about Different Dishes

If you think that he is into foreign dishes then books with different kinds of recipes are the best gifts for him. Here at Gifts Australia, we gathered rare and unique books written by known chefs, which he can use in cooking. If he loves Mexican Food, the Cantina Mexican Kitchen Recipe Book by Paul Wilson is what we recommend. We also have the Rick Stein from Venice to Istanbul book if you think that he wants different dishes from different parts of the world. The Beef Club Recipe Book and Smoke- New Firewood Cooking Recipe are also perfect gifts for him if he loves to grill meat and BBQs.

Available Drinks and Cocktail Books

We here at Gifts Australia recognise that men are going crazy when it comes to drinks and cocktails recipe. Well, there is no need to go to expensive bars to order expensive drinks because they can do it by themselves in a house party using a recipe book. The available books are the Pop, Bubble & Fizz Recipe Book, The Mixer’s Manual, and The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion. We also have Wild Drinks & Cocktails Recipe Book and Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails. These books are very appropriate for men because of their love for cocktails and drinks.

Other Available Cooking Books

Aside from books about foreign dishes and cocktails, we also have books about baking, the best restaurants, and other recipe books. The book Baking Bad by Walter Wheat is about recipes for baking. It is also loved by men because it is inspired by the famous series Breaking Bad. We also have Food Truck Feasts Recipe Book, Food & Beer Recipe Book, and Where Chefs Eat: A Restaurant Guide.

Gifts Australia knows how men think and what interests them. Check our other available books for men and choose products based on his preference and interest. We can beautifully wrap the book, put a gift tag, and send it directly to him. Contact Gifts Australia today!

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