Long stemmed, spectacular rose bouquets, the perfect way to say I Love You; that's what a bouquet of roses is. We've got a beautiful range of rose bouquets to show them you love them. Nothing will brighten their day quite like the gift of a bunch of roses.

Rose Gifts

Beautiful freshly cut roses are an excellent way of showing your admiration and adoration for that special someone. A bouquet of roses is one of the most classic and symbolic representations of love and affection. Choose from our amazing range of expertly arranged and beautifully packaged rose gifts that will take your breath away and make a great impression whether it’s for a special occasion or any time you’re feeling a bit romantic.

When one thinks of roses, the iconic red rose immediately comes to mind. Its vibrant and bold hue symbolises the colours of the heart and embodies deep intense passion. It possibly is one of the best and most traditional ways to say ‘I Love You’ which has endured the test of time. Many great relationships have started out and continue to be strengthened with the gift of a red rose.

One of the most quintessential rose gifts is our Dozen Long Stemmed Roses. When love is in the air, you simply cannot go wrong with this breathtaking gift. Aside from its natural beauty, it comes packaged in an elegant gift box that and is perfect for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries. Sending a gift of a Dozen Long Stemmed Roses is also a great way of saying that you think lovingly of your special someone 12 months a year.

Our other red rose gifts include the Fall in Love Floral Bouquet which is a special arrangement of half a dozen roses in a more petite package and comes in a much friendlier price. There is also the Royal Romance Floral Bouquet which combines numerous luxurious red roses and beautiful white lilies.

Aside from the traditional red rose, other rose colours can signify different meanings. The white rose, for example symbolises innocence, purity and spirituality. It has traditionally been associated with marriages and new beginnings. Sending a gift of white roses could also simply mean ‘I’m thinking of you.’

For those wishing to make someone feel truly beloved and special, our Love’s Divine Floral Arrangement is an excellent choice. This decadent bouquet of flowers contains both red and white roses in a beautiful vase arrangement and is an extremely extravagant rose gift that will surpass all others. Bouquets containing red and white roses are typically a symbol of eternal unity and lasting love, and if you wish for your gift to stand out among the rest this might just be the one for your beloved.

If you have been smitten by someone and wish to express that you’ve fallen head over heels for him or her, the eye-catching lavender or purple rose is a superb alternative to the more traditional red rose. For rare and wondrous occasions such as when Love at First Sight moments, our Lavender Wishes Floral Bouquet is a must. It contains the traditional number of a dozen lavender roses and is beautifully arranged with delicate greens to make the colours pop even more. Those looking for the elusive blue rose will also find that lavender rose gifts will be the closest alternative they will ever find to the real thing.

Yellow roses are also another popular option that signifies the onset of a joyful occasion. The colour is a traditional symbol of friendship and imbues a sense of warmth and optimism. If you wish to send a rose gift as a friendly gesture that will lift people’s spirits up, our Rosy Glow Dozen Floral Arrangement is a wonderful choice. This cheerful bouquet of a dozen yellow roses will surely be the highlight of anyone’s day. Yellow rose gifts are a great choice for sending to friends, family, neighbours or co-workers, especially if you think they need a special pick-me-up.

The most versatile of all rose gifts is definitely the pink rose. This rose variety is often regarded as one of the most graceful and elegant colours, and has been long used as a piece of ornamental art or decoration even before rose gifts became widely popular. It is also available in many different shades, with dark pink roses symbolising appreciation and light pink roses denoting admiration.

An excellent rose gift to show your gratitude to anyone is our Perfect Pink Dozen Arrangement which consists of 12 lush dark pink roses. We also offer arrangements with combinations of red and different shades of pink roses to show your appreciation for your loved ones such as the Blushing Roses Floral Arrangement, which at the same time offers great value. And for a little bit more, the Lovely Melody Floral Arrangement contains even more luscious looking pink and red roses that will surely captivate anybody’s heart.

Peach roses also fall within the same line as pink roses and indicate a sense of appreciation and gratitude in a more platonic sense. It can also signify feelings of sympathy if the occasion calls for it. Our Just Peachy Floral Bouquet contains peach and white roses and is a very tasteful way of saying Thank You.

Whether you are looking for something simple or an extra special rose bouquet that will leave a lasting impression, Gifts Australia has rose gifts to suit just about any occasion as well as all types of budgets. On top of that we also offer free Australia-wide delivery for all orders worth at least $99. We work with florists that are local to your area to ensure freshness and quick shipping any time of the year. In some cases, due to seasonal and regional availability, some flower varieties may be replaced with similar looking substitutes that possess the same shape, style, colour, as well as value.

We also make ordering flowers online easier than before. To personalise your rose gift, simply fill out the Card Message form found on each product page with a special dedication, quote or even a short poem.

For any additional questions about selecting the perfect rose gift, as well as ordering, send us an email at or call us at 1300 459 452 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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