Albums & Frames

What a precious Christening gift idea; a beautifully presented Christening album to capture their special day and present the memory of this wonderful life event so it can be remembered and treasured for years to come. For a practical Christening gift that will bring joy and serve a purpose you can't go past a Christening album.

Albums & Frames As Christening Gifts

A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier.” While we have no idea who to credit for these inspired quote, we totally agree with everything it conveys. Children are our gifts, our blessings, and our future. They light up our world, soothe our soul, restore our faith in something greater, and make us want to be a better person for their sake. No matter where we are or were in life before a baby, we are different, changed, after the birth of someone new and amazing to lavish with our love and attentions.

For many, a baby is the answer to a silent prayer for a complete, beautiful family. This is why we celebrate and commemorate those newborn blessings with christenings. Or, baptisms, if you’d prefer the term. In those special moments, we want to thank God with every ounce of our being for bestowing this beloved treasure to us. We promise to protect, love, teach, and respect the new little bundle from day one—when that doctor first places that beautiful, crying cutie in our arms.

When you hold your baby for the first time, it feels like your heart overflows, near to bursting with so much love. You never knew you had that much fierce love for someone until you’ve had children. Through christenings, you can share your faith and beliefs with your newborn babe, while securing their place with you behind the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

Christening Gifts that Save Memories

Memories are the second most important element of a christening. Many families take heaps of pictures of their newly christened baby, all decked out in their Sunday best. So, with that in mind, we believe the best christening gifts are ones that save memories. You are gifting the recipients with the opportunity to commemorate through remembrance. Anytime they look at your gift on their nightstand or mantle, they will remember that special moment, and your heartfelt present.

We have an assortment of frames, albums, clay casts, and ink prints that allow families to celebrate and commemorate an assortment of special days. Christenings are only the beginning. If you gift someone with an album or a frame, they can continue adding to those gifts, accumulating memories as the years slip by. One day, those memories will serve as look-backs for their children and their grandchildren and so on. Memories are meant to be passed down through generations.

Albums + Memories = Wow-Worthy Christening Gifts

We have several albums, only a few are baby themed, but one of our favourites is from the Bambino Collection. Wrapped in linen and adorned with a silver teddy bear, silver bassinette, and silver rocking chair, this album is spacious for a beautiful assortment of christening memories. From photos, to cards and letters, to a copy of the invitation, this album is a tribute to the newly christened babe.

The inside cover boasts a lovely poem: “tiny fingers, tiny toes, rosy cheeks, and button nose.” The book is heavy-weight to be durable and sturdy through decades of use. And it serves as the perfect blast from the past for future generations. Consider it a christening gift that the family can keep adding to. We suggest adding a sweet message on the inside cover, because the gift-giver should be remembered too.

What Else We Offer from Gifts Australia

At Gifts Australia, we want both you, the gift giver, and your gift recipient to have the best experiences. For Australian natives, we offer free Australia-wide shipping on orders over $99 AU. And there are loads of customisation options at checkout. We encourage you to go the extra mile when you are gifting someone with anything. Because sometimes simply receiving a wrapped, beautiful present, and the anticipation of opening it, is more exciting than the gift itself.

If you have a problem finding the perfect christening gift—or any gift, for that matter, opt for a gift voucher. You can set the amount anywhere from $25 to over $500. Then have it delivered directly to their email. Or, go for a tangible gift voucher option, where we mail it to their door. You can also print it out yourself, then present it to them in a sweet celebrations card.

A beautiful way to store memories is sure to be found in our stunning range of Christening Album Gifts.

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