Let Wedgwood add a touch of elegance to any Christening with the beautifully crafted range of Wedgwood Christening gifts currently in stock. Featuring elegant keepsakes from one of the world's most celebrated brands, Wedgwood is the perfect way to show just how much you care for this special day.

Wedgwood - Christening Gifts

There is nothing quite like the birth of a beautiful baby to make you believe in miracles and the love of a higher being. Whether you are a parent, an aunt, an uncle, or a close family friend, the arrival of a new babe is one that should be celebrated. Even moreso when the little one’s family decides to participate in a christening.

Christenings, also known as baptisms, are precious occasions. It is a parent’s way of securing a place in heaven for their sweet baby. It is the ultimate gift, as parents are sharing their beloved and coveted faith with their newborn sweetheart. It is a moment of perfect love and purity. It is a special and amazing moment, especially for a family who has hoped for a child for so long. “For this child I have prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart. 1 Samuel 1:27.”

Babies are little angels incarnate, sent from heaven to delight and beautify the world. Your whole existence is made better when you hold your little one in your arms for the first time. There is absolutely nothing like it. And christenings are a close second to that magical moment of birth.

The Best Christening Gifts from the Wedgwood Brand

One of our favourite sayings about the blessing of babies was spoken by Mother Teresa. “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing Gold who is sending a love letter to the world.” She could not have said it better. And we believe those beautiful moments of christening deserve beautiful christening gifts.

Whether it be your babe, or the newly christened cutie of your loved ones, we believe in keepsakes and memories. We want your most beloved, coveted moments to be made into the most adored, cherished memories. And we have just the christening gift collection to achieve that.

Wedgwood is a brand that believes in the power of fairytales and whimsical experiences. They love storybook classics, and most of their christening gift collection uses the visage and wisdom of the curious, adorable Peter Rabbit. You can peruse our selection christening gifts. Or, ask us to choose the perfect christening gift for you. In the Peter Rabbit theme from Wedgwood, you will find money boxes, little plate and bowl sets, mugs, and stuffed animals galore.

The Meaning of Silver in a Christening Gift

While searching through our array of great christening gifts, you will notice that silver is a common theme. Most of the Wedgwood keepsakes are handcrafted completely in silver, or boast a few silver accents. Silver represents purity, clarity, strength, focus, and mysticism. It is a powerful metal—one often revered in the Bible as sacred and holy. In short, silver is everything a christening represents, incarnate in the beautiful shine of untarnished metal.

In the Biblical sense, silver is mentioned numerous times throughout the Good Book. In some instances, it symbolised wealth and richness, both literally and symbolically. In other instances, it symbolised grace, humility, fairness, and faith. So, in terms of a christening gift, something silver would be a symbolic, well-thought out choice.

Gifts Australia: Customisation Options at Checkout

Children open your heart to miracles and the possibilities of higher beings and things beyond our grasp. Over time, as our children grow, we may lose that feeling in the throes of everyday life. And it’s only when our kids are sleeping soundly, that we remember what it felt like to feel blessed and a part of something greater. This feeling is why christening gifts are important. Think of them as totems to restore memories to their shining lustre when you have lost sight of how you felt in a specific moment.

We at Gifts Australia want your christening gift to be met with awe and admiration. We want your choice to be customised to the best of both your and our abilities. This means offering you customisation options at checkout. You can make your christening gift moreso special and lovely with professional gift-wrapping. Topped with a shiny ribbon and bow, of course. There is also the option of a handwritten greeting card. One that you took time to choose and create a special message for.


The timeless quality of Wedgwood is celebrated in our stunning Wedgwood Christening Gifts range.

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