When it comes to beautiful Christening gifts there's no going past stunning Bambino. This delightful Christening gift range features exquisite silver-plated keepsakes, certificate boxes and photo frames and even Christening photo albums to store all those precious memories.

Bambino - Christening Gifts

Also known as a Christian blessing or baptism, a christening involves gifting your baby with their Christian name and promising them the protection of both their parents and God. Most christened babies are brought up in Christian homes, so parents are expected to take serious, strict vows toward the guidance and teaching of their little one. Christenings are as much for the family of a baby as they are for the baby. These special occasions offer peace of mind and hope for the future.

You might be the loving parent who is introducing your baby into the Christian faith. Or, you may be a friend or other loved one who is watching the christening take place, then helping celebrate and commemorate afterwards. Either way, you serve a beautiful purpose as witness to the promise of a place in Heaven for the newly christened babe. It is a wow-worthy ceremony with heartfelt vows and promises galore. Which makes christening gifts and keepsakes all the more important, for commemoration purposes.

While most children are babies when they are christened, the meaning behind christening gifts will last well into their childhood and adulthood. These gifts are meant to evoke strong feelings of love, pride, and acceptance. Add that to the feelings of joy, contentment, and devotion that comes from having the Lord on your side. And you have the proverbial perfect storm.

Why Bambino Brand Makes the Best Christening Gifts

Bambino, from the Italian word for baby, is also the word used to describe the infant Jesus in Italy. So, of course, we would nominate the Bambino brand as a must-have for christening gifts. Not only does their name evoke thoughts of Christ and his amazing endeavours, but it also symbolic of the innocence, purity, and sweetness that embodies a baby.

Bambino is all about memories. Which is why their collections make some of the best christening gifts. For instance, you can snag a beautiful picture frame to forever commemorate a christening. Or, you could pick out a memory box. These boxes are for christening keepsakes, like pictures, certificates, and handwritten vows.

You will notice that most of the Bambino collection is accented with silver. This is because silver represents grace, faith, purity, reflection, innocence, elegance, and balance. In other words, silver represents everything Christianity teaches and holds dear. So it makes sense that the christening gifts offered by Bambino would have a touch of silver.

Commemorate a Christening with a Beautiful Bambino Gift

One of the great things about Bambino is their understanding of a special occasion. With christening gifts, Bambino handcrafts memories. They make heartfelt keepsakes that you can gift to your loved ones. Their keepsakes properly commemorate and celebrate a special day of love, acceptance, faith, and admiration.

Need an example? They have several beautiful silver frames, perfect for hanging a gorgeous picture of a newly christened cutie. Or, for keepsakes and memories that last forever, there is a box with drawers, a sweet message, and enough space for pictures and an official christening certificate. Not to mention an adorable sippy cup, complete with silver tones and a cute rocking horse emblem. Bambino is the go-to brand when it comes to some of the best, most memorable christening gifts.

What You Should Know About Gifts Australia

We at Gifts Australia understand the importance of having the perfect christening gift for your loved ones. We also understand that an extra-special touch could mean the world to your gift recipients, so we offer a few customisable options that you can click at checkout. Some of the personalised options require an extra (small) fee.

Gift-wrapping is one option we offer. Your christening gifts will be wrapped in your choice of colourful paper. Pick between colours like navy blue, pink, yellow, or red. If you want a special colour, just ask. We can surely track down the right hue to suit your expectations. Each gift-wrapped box is adorned in ribbon and topped with a shiny, vibrant bow.

For those who prefer to spend more money on christening gifts, and less money on shipping, we offer free Australia-wide shipping on orders over $99 AU. You can also opt for a special handwritten greeting card with a custom message to properly, perfectly express your congratulations.

Our beautiful range of Bambino Christening Gifts offers special treasures to delight both baby and parent.

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