Willie's Peruvian 70% Dark with Hazelnut & Raisin 50g

Delicious Peruvian chocolate studded with hazelnuts & raisins, handmade in the UK by expert chocolatiers. Another delicious chocolate creation from the world-famous Willie's Cacao. Crafted from Peruvian Cacao Beans.

Willie's Cacao Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate Hazelnut & Raisin 50g

Are you a fan of hazelnut and raisin? If so, purchasing gift hampers filled with hazelnut products and raisins is highly recommended. Good thing the Hamper Emporium offers chocolates of Willie's Cacao Peruvian that is filled with ample amount of your favourite delights. Gift hampers such as the Chocolates & Red Hamper with Premium Scarpanto, Chocolates & Red Hamper, Christmas Delights Hamper, The Best of all Christmas Gift Hamper, Champagne Christmas Hamper with Luxury, Deluxe Office Share Christmas Basket, Champagne Festive Hamper, and the Celebrate Xmas Hamper are some of the many gift hampers that comes with Willie's Cacao Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate hazelnut & Raisin in 50g. So if you are crazy about this dark chocolate, hurry and grab any of this gift hampers to enjoy the delicious treats it comes with.

Chocolates & Red Hamper with Premium Scarpantoni Shiraz - Nothing can get better than having a glass of red wine at home and some flavourful chocolates for as low as $139. So if you need gift hampers that are well thought of, this one is perfect for your needs. It also presents you with Willie's Cacao Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate Hazelnut & Raisin which you'll find very hard to resist. 

Chocolates & Red Hamper - Another low priced hamper is the Chocolate & Red Hamper for only $112. This low priced hamper offers you with Brown Brothers "18 Eighty Nine" Shiraz which features combined flavours of dark berry and classic pepper. It is also one of the most loved gift hampers of the Hamper Emporium because of its Willie's Cacao Peruvian Dark Chocolate. So if you need affordable gift hampers, make sure to include this as one of your choices. 

Christmas Delights Hamper - During holidays, you can grab this hamper with free delivery for as little as $159. This hamper is currently out of stock however you should not fail to check on it often because of its amazing contents such as the 2013 Devil's Corner Tasmanian Pinot Noir in 750ml bottle, some epicurean delights from Baylies, Belgian Butters and Elsa's Story. When it comes to chocolates, this hamper is not like the typical gift hampers online. It features delicious chocolates and one of which is the Willie's Cacao Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate
Hazelnut & Raisin.

Valuable yet Affordable Gift Hampers

Affordable gift hampers are really tempting however not all low priced hampers are highly recommended. You must also consider the
products it comes with, the taste, the quality and how well the team prepares each hamper. At the Hamper Emporium, all hampers are given much attention to ensure everything looks great despite being cheap. So hurry and purchase gift hampers that are not only valuable in terms of its contents but as well as affordable. 

Don’t forget to check on other great hampers of the Hamper Emporium although some are out of stock like the Best of all Christmas Gift Hamper for only $245, the Champagne Christmas Hamper with Luxury  for $149, the Deluxe Office Share Christmas Basket for $549, the Champagne Festive Hamper for $139 and last is the Celebrate Xmas Hamper for only $189. So hurry and make sure that as soon as all these gift hampers are available, you'll immediately add it to your cart.

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