Chocolate Plato by Fardoulis 35% Couveture Milk Chocolates 150g

Sweet & creamy milk chocolate pieces that simply melt in the mouth, made using Callebeut chocolate with 35% cocoa solids. Chocolate Plato by Fardoulis 35% Couveture Milk Chocolates 150g

It is true that chocolates are enjoyed by a lot of people, however only few know how to appreciate a rich and velvety chocolate from world class chocolatier or manufacturers. At the Hamper Emporium, Christmas hampers filled with delightful chocolates are highly in demand. This type of Christmas hamper is intended for chocoholics out there. So if you happen to know someone who is into chocolates, the best online site you can refer to that person is the Hamper Emporium. Here you or your chocoholic friend can take advantage of chocolates from Fardoulis, which are delicious, very delectable and creamy at the same time. The Hamper Emporium is the perfect place to get all your Christmas hampers, and when it comes to your sweet chocolate, nothing can beat the Chocolate Plato offered by Fardoulis with 35% Couveture Milk Chocolates.

Sophie & Moet Baby Gift Hamper - Gift hampers are widely purchased around the globe because of its delightful contents. Most gift hampers are packed with champagnes and branded goodies, there are times that some are filled with baby products depending on the type of hamper purchased. If you need a hamper to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in the family, this hamper for only $209 is the best choice. Aside from the impressive set of goodies such as the Maison Fossier Pastry and Moet & Chardon Champagne, this hamper presents baby products from Macquise and lastly, it comes with the yummy Fardoulis chocolate! 

Australia's Finest Sparkling & Chocolates - If you are low in budget and need gift hampers with a touch of elegance and sweetness, this $79 gift hamper is perfect for your needs. It comes with a sparkling Chardonnay and 2 Fardoulis chocolates you will find hard to resist. 
Luxury Chocolate & Bollinger Hamper - If you need gift hampers placed in a beautifully crafted wooden box, this hamper is your choice. It can be purchased for only $199 with the presence of some sweet delights like the Chocolate Plato of Fardoulis both in 35% and 55% chocolate blend, exquisite biscuits and sweets and one of the best tasting champagne of France, the Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV. 

Moet & Chocolates - One of the cheapest gift hampers online which is filled with classy chocolates from Fardoulis and the premium tasty Champagne, the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV. This may be a simple hamper yet it is loved by many for only $125.

Impress Your Recipient

Just like receiving a beautifully wrapped present, giving away Christmas hampers can also surprise and put a smile on someone's face such as the Deluxe Office Share Christmas Basket. If you want to make your recipient happy, if you can imagine the happy look on his or her face once your Christmas hamper is received, your money is not wasted. This is why the Hamper Emporium ensures that all its customers receive world class Christmas hampers, reasonably priced and above all, filled with delightful goods such as the Chocolate Plato of the most popular chocolate provider ever, the Fardoulis Family.

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