How To Make A First Father's Day Special

His First Father’s Day Ideas For A Day To Remember

Awesome dads are amazing and deserve all the praise they get on Father’s Day, especially those first-time dads! The experience of becoming a father for the first time is an exciting and memorable one for any man. Being a first-time dad will set him on a journey of a lifetime. If you need inspiration for ways to make his first Father’s Day spectacular, we have tips and ideas for original ways to celebrate. While first Father's Day gift ideas are essential, there are lots of other ways to make his day wonderful. On his first Father's Day, show your husband how much you appreciate and love him by including your new baby in the celebration! He’ll love these great ideas for planning a special day for a first-time father.


What can I do for my husband's first Father's Day? 

There are a few things you can do to make your husband's first Father's Day special. A father and child photoshoot with matching dad and baby outfits, pancakes in bed, personalised new dad gifts, a family adventure (complete with babywearing), or even just some 'me' time to do some of the things he enjoyed pre-baby; these are all things new dads would enjoy.

Don't miss the chance to involve your new addition with first Father's Day ideas that include the newest member of your growing family. There are so many busy moments that come with being a parent, all the new experiences, and the challenges the new father will face as you both help your child grow. Below are some of our fav ideas for what you could do to make his first Father's Day memorable.


Make memories with photos of his first Father’s Day

A perfect first Father's Day is easy to capture these days, with so many creative Father's Day photoshoot ideas. Even though we tend to click away (and after all, why wouldn't you take a thousand photos of that new baby?), you should consider creating a memorable photograph for his first Father's Day. It is easy to do with a bit of planning put in place. A framed photo of father and child makes a gorgeous present he'll treasure. All you need is a camera and your imagination, and you can create lasting memories of his journey as a dad.


First Father's Day photoshoot ideas


Choose a theme or an extra special outfit for everyone to wear. Have a good time, be creative, funny, serious, or a little formal. Arrange a family barbecue or beach picnic and choose a meaningful place for you and your family to make those lasting 1st Father’s Day memories. Each year on his special day, make it a tradition for you and your family to recreate the same first Father’s Day photo. Families are a part of who we are. They are part of what links us to the past and all those wonderful memories. Not only will you be creating a photo memory you could place in a frame, but you will be creating heartfelt family traditions. Imagine how wonderful it will be for the new father to look back on these photos in the years to come.


First Father’s Day gift ideas from a newborn

What better way to make a first Father’s Day special than by giving him a memento of his baby’s handprint? You could place that tiny print on the opening page of a book bought especially for the new dad on Father's Day. Another great first Father's Day idea is to create side-by-side inkprints of dad's handprint alongside the hand or footprint of the tiny human who made him a dad. Create a beautiful keepsake of his tiny baby and the strong hands who nurtured and loved you both.


Gifts Australia has awesome collection of photo frames perfect for Father's Day, and books from every genre including humorous books to cookbooks, personalised Father's Day journal books, and a cute range of Bluey books including Bluey: My Dad Is Awesome (how apt!) plus all kinds of books for first time dads. Our premium gift-wrapping options will ensure that the book looks amazing when you give it as a gift. Whatever book you pick, wherever you put that handprint, it will be something the new father will cherish for a lifetime.


First Father's Day memento


Get dad laughing and smiling on his first Father's Day 

The birth of a baby brings with it the realisation that our lives have changed, for the better of course! While a new bundle of joy can fill the new dad's heart, it is also time for sleepless nights and countless nappy changes, as well as a steep learning curve. A good way to make the new father feel at ease in his new role is to add a bit of humour to his special day. The best relaxing 1st Father's Day idea at home is to have a movie marathon with dad's favourite comedies, all while you snuggle up with the baby. It's wonderful to take the day easy, have a heap of fun, and laugh together. What a great way to regain some of that lost energy that the new father may have lost!  


Keep dad laughing and add some fun with a novelty fatherhood gift idea. Old-school whoopie cushions are long gone, replaced by mugs, games, and other creative items (fart buttons anyone?) Picture dad's face when he opens a novelty-themed present or when he receives specially designed trinkets catering for a new dad.  


New dads love surprises, so do something unexpected! Throughout the day, play his favourite music, sing to him with the baby, prepare a delicious breakfast in bed, and spoil him. Lastly, read the new dad a bedtime story with the baby to make his smile even bigger. Whatever makes him laugh, whatever brings a smile to his face if his first Father's Day is filled with laughter and fun, what a wonderful gift that will be.

Dad Jokes Book

What do you write in a first father's day card?

Nothing means more to the first-time father than hearing how much you appreciate him. A nice Father’s Day card makes a forever keepsake, not only for daddy but for your child to look back on when they ask about their childhood. So it's important to write a special message for his first Father's Day card.


A new dad may not be completely confident about his fathering skills just yet. Encourage him with a compliment, or uplifting words, to let him know he is well on his way to becoming an amazing father. A father who is a first-time dad will appreciate a note of love and gratitude from you or your child. We know your baby can’t write, but what would they say if they could?


Ideas for sweet card messages to write for his first Fathers Day include:


  • Thanks for all the kisses, cuddles, and love, Daddy!
  • I'm glad you are my daddy and I am your baby.
  • Daddy, you're doing a great job, which is why I'm so happy.
  • I might be little, but my love for you is big.


As a first-time father, he will enjoy reading something about how you have noticed and appreciated all the good things he has done for you.


  • The more I see what a great dad you have become, the more I love you.
  • Even though we are both brand new to this, it’s so easy to see that our baby loves you just as much as I do.
  • Being a father brings all the joys and wonders of the world. As we discover all that is yet to come, we will grow together in our lives.
  • It’s so amazing to see our baby fall in love with you—just as I did.


He will treasure the first Father's Day card you write him forever, no matter what you write. For a brand-new dad, the experience of his first Father’s Day is unique. It is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for him, and that calls for a personalised Father's Day gift like a photo keyring and a specially written card he can treasure.  


Photo Wallet


Shop for his first time Fathers Day at Gifts Australia  

Consider creative ways to make your first-time father feel special. Gifts Australia has great gift ideas to help make the day even more memorable. Choose from a variety of heartfelt and sentimental first Fathers Day gifts including keepsakes, fun gadgets, books, pamper gifts, Fathers Day hampers, and so much more. Take a look at our selection of fabulous gifts for Dad to find the perfect present to make this first Father's Day the best!    




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