Corporate Branding: What Is It And How To Do It Right

Why Brand Your Company Gifts With A Subtle Corporate Theme?

Make no mistake, the benefits of corporate branding should not be underestimated. Your brand is one of your biggest assets, connecting you immediately with customers and creating exactly the right perception of your company. Corporate identity and branding is a complex field and entails so much more than marketing and a distinctive logo. Building your brand is an intricate process. 


Nowadays, your brand needs to send a consistent message across multiple applications and social media platforms. Customers have high expectations and their experiences are more important than ever. The best corporate branding is never going to be instant and requires intense focus and effective corporate branding strategies. However, the investment, time and effort will forge long-term relationships, foster customer loyalty and increase your profits. 


What is corporate identity and branding?

A solid corporate branding strategy is essential for any business, however small. Get it right and it can transform new companies and small players into highly competitive and successful market leaders. Integrating your brand into every area of your website, communications and customer service is vital. That consistent message, along with your visual corporate identity branding will reinforce both your mission and company’s personality. 


Prospective staff and clients should connect your brand identity with community, generosity, teamwork, and success. Corporate gifts to acknowledge and thank the people you rely on is one way to build your brand reputation. The end result will be customers that trust your brand, keep coming back and purchasing, and recommend you willingly to others. 


Branding corporate identity - in a nutshell

  • Research your market competitors thoroughly
  • Establish the exact purpose behind your branding
  • Define your customer benefits & unique selling points.
  • Create an enticing brand mission statement
  • Decide on your target audience & demographics
  • Create a cool logo, corporate colours and tagline
  • Decide on your communication style & tone
  • Form a distinctive brand voice & brand personality 
  • Build on your values to create a brand story 
  • Consolidate your corporate branding design into each business area


Corporate Gift Baskets


Why Corporate Branding Gifts Are The Ultimate Tool

The ultimate importance of corporate branding is its overall effect on your customers. It is a skilled art which gradually builds trust, respect and shared values. Corporate gifting is a tool used by many companies to create customer loyalty and a lasting impression. A thoughtful gift, carefully personalised and tastefully branded is the ultimate way to show your appreciation. Corporate gifting holds all the advantages of corporate branding and will help in achieving your marketing goals. 


When customers are valued, they identify with your company and keep it top of mind. This means they are not only more likely to purchase again, but they will provide active and positive referrals. Any carefully chosen personal gift teamed with branding and corporate identity is guaranteed to have a positive reaction. Giving is one of the examples of corporate branding which is an amazing strategy for strengthening your customer or client relationships. 


You can give a gift to your VIP clients, customers, staff, and business partners at any time of year, but there’s no better time to spread seasonal goodwill than at Christmas. While most corporate branding guidelines will also use it throughout the year, the festive season is a time to show both customers and colleagues exactly how much your company cares. Christmas hampers and corporate Christmas gifts are easy ways to show appreciation and incorporate branded gifts. 


Your Corporate Branding Guide To Choosing Original Gifts

Your corporate branding ideas are really important, which means always sourcing the right gifts. The ones you choose should be special, whatever the depth of the relationship, but you don’t always need a huge budget. It’s all about a unique presentation. Thoughtful touches like designing your own corporate gift tags, ribbons and even Christmas cards are extremely effective. 


Customers love receiving something useful, so it’s perfectly acceptable to choose something generic, like luxurious Christmas food hampers. Just remember to add a splash of eye-catching creativity and chic corporate branding and you will always top the competition. Personalised gifts can also be branded to suit your company. Corporate branding products is easy once you know how!


  • Pick gifts that can be personalised. Select items that easily display your logo and tagline and can be wrapped or ribboned beautifully in your corporate colours. 
  • Pay attention to visual impact. The small details and design should create anticipation. Thoughtful preparation can create the ‘wow’ factor.
  • Personal touches make them individual. Always customise gifts with gift tags and a handwritten thought. Finishing touches will always be remembered.
  • Perfect sophistication every time. Use subtle, well-placed corporate branding. Under-stated design will always win the day in the gifting game. 
  • Put out a call to action. Encourage customers to get in touch or purchase, but in a fun way. Create some engagement and intrigue, and they will be hooked.


Personalised corporate gifts


Helping You On The Corporate Branding Path At Gifts Australia

Branding should not be a foggy unidentified concept. It does depend on perception and purpose, but results can easily be tracked, along with the resulting ROI. Over the longer term, a strong brand and corporate branding solutions can yield some spectacular results. A concerted effort is well worth the benefits of increased sales, brand advocacy and customer loyalty. 


The positive tactics of marketing, engagement and building communities are just some of the components that give corporate branding meaning. Spread the word about your brand, let loyal customers have a voice and reward them when they speak. 


You can start today with a corporate gifting strategy that will pack a punch of surprise and joy this Christmas!




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