With a beautiful range of gifts for babies at Gifts Australia, it isn't hard to find the perfect gifts for new parents as well as sweet newborn gifts. With a great range of soft plush toys, stunning baby gift hampers, cute baby clothes and blankets, baby toys and nursery items in stock ready to deliver Australia wide. New parents loved our range of gorgeous baby gifts in 2020 and we have even more great new gifts for baby in 2021. 

The Best Baby Gifts for Various Occasions at Gifts Australia.

At Gifts Australia, we have an incredible selection of baby gifts for various special occasions; this includes births, christenings, and baby showers. With such a large selection of baby gifts to choose from, customers will always find something special at Gifts Australia.

Do you need some recommendations for a special occasion? Or could you use some inspiration for a birth, christening, or a baby shower? Check out the top picks from the baby gifts catalogue below.

Which Baby Gifts Could I Buy for a Baby Shower?

Baby showers can be tricky to buy for since most people attending will not know the gender of the baby just yet. Fortunately, there are some neutral gifts you could obtain for such occasions. These are gifts that are suitable for baby boys as well as baby girls.

One of our the neutral baby presents at Gifts Australia is the Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper. Inside this hamper, you will find baby clothing and bath products in a neutral white colour, which makes them suitable for girls as well as boys.

There are additional advantages to choosing the Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper because all the products inside this baby gift are organic. It contains an organic hooded towel from Bubba Blue, organic cotton face washers from Nature’s Child, and various organic bath products from EcoStore. So, the products in this gift basket are certainly going to prove useful when the baby arrives.

Please note that Gifts Australia offers more neutral baby gift baskets in its catalogue. So, if you would like to see more options for a baby shower, we urge you to check out the additional options in our range.

Which Baby Gifts Could I Buy for a Birth?

There are many gifts you could consider for new births since there are a lot of cute gifts for both girls and boys at Gifts Australia. While most customers consider buying some baby clothing or a nice bottle of bubbly to celebrate the new arrival, we recommend that customers check out some of the framed prints in our range too.

At Gifts Australia, customers can find various framed prints. These framed prints can be customised at Gifts Australia. To customise the print, choose either the pink or blue framed print for the baby boy or the baby girl. Then, enter the name of the baby in the designated field on the product description page, and Gifts Australia will do the rest.

In addition to framed prints, there are more original gifts for births you cannot pass on. One such a gift is an inkless print set, which enables parents to take the handprint and footprint of their child without having to deal with the mess of ink. Naturally, an inkless print set can ensure a treasured memory lasts forever.

Which Baby Gifts Could I Buy for a Christening?

When you need a gift for a christening, it is often a good idea to choose something that can be kept as a memento. A christening is a milestone occasion in the life of a baby, but also for the parents who choose to christen their baby. Therefore, a memento is the perfect gift.

One of our first suggestions is always the Waterford Crystal Rosary Beads Necklace, a gift that will be appreciated by religious parents. Even though the baby cannot decide whether to be religious just yet, the Waterford Crystal Rosary Beads can certainly be treasured as a memento.

Of course, customers can step away from the usual religious presents and choose something modern. At Gifts Australia, customers can find many designer gifts that could be used for a christening; this includes the Silver Bunnykins Money Box by Royal Doulton.

The Silver Bunnykins Money Box by Royal Doulton is not only a great gift for a christening, but it also gives the child a money box they could use while growing up. Naturally, saving money teaches them some important lessons about money management. With this wonderful, designer money box, you can make sure the child in question gets some vital life skills early in their childhood.

There are many other mementos at Gifts Australia you could consider for a christening, so you are certainly not limited to the suggestions we have made today. If you want to check out more possibilities, please head over to the “christening” section on the Gifts Australia website.

What Are Some Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

When it comes to baby showers, there are loads of presents you could consider. Popular options for baby showers are baby hampers, but baby clothing and cuddly toys are also a good option. Of course, your choice will somewhat depend on the preferences of the parents, the gender of the baby (if known), and your overall budget.

What Are the Top Five Newborn Baby Gifts?

Since we have many newborn baby gifts to offer, you can imagine there are many items being sold for newborns at Gifts Australia. However, there is a trend for newborns though, because some of our gifts are more popular than others. Amongst the most popular gifts, customers will find baby shoes, moneyboxes, baby books, plush toys, and clothing sets. So, you could consider any of these five suggestions if you require a baby present.

What to Buy as a Baby Gift for a Boy?

The baby gifts you can obtain for a baby boy are quite like those of a baby girl since you can easily find boy equivalents at Gifts Australia. However, remember that blue is the most accepted colour for baby boys, so always look for such colours in our range of baby presents. 

Where Can I Go with Questions About Gifts for Births, Baby Showers and Christenings at Gifts Australia?

Customers who have questions about any of the gifts for christenings, births, and baby showers, can always contact the Gifts Australia team for more information. Customers can contact our team via email and instant messaging, but also via telephone if they prefer to speak to our customer service team directly.

A wonderful hand picked range of gift providers to help you find that perfect baby gift. Whether you'd like to send a gift for Mum too with one of our baby hampers, or a soft toy for the little one, Gifts Australia will inspire. 

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