What Gifts Online are Available for Newborns at Gifts Australia?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:30 May 2016 

Are you someone who’s looking for a baby gifts to give a friend or colleague? You might have been invited to a baby shower or christening, or you might be planning to surprise your friend at the hospital after just giving birth. Do you have something to bring to a newborn niece or nephew? Lucky for you, Gifts Australia has a wide range of baby gifts for you to choose from!
When you give something to a newborn baby, you have to consider his or her gender and age. A newborn is too tiny to ride a bike, play blocks, or appreciate a small musical instrument. As such, you have to be careful in selecting the right gift. To help you decide on which gift to give, listed here are 5 characteristics of baby gifts you can give to a newborn.

new born gifts

Baby Gifts Must Be Soft

Newborn babies are still developing their sense of touch. Moreover, their bones are also in the developing stage. Their skulls are still soft and their skin are quite sensitive, and that is why baby gifts should be soft to touch.
Aside from this, soft toys are also preferable for babies since they are still learning how to manage their grip at a young age. Their grips may at time be too strong or too weak. A soft toy will be able to withstand either. Even if a baby fails to strengthen its grip while putting the toy above her face, the fall of a soft toy will still be gentle.
Gifts Australia has a number of soft toys you can give to a newborn. Emme the Elephant Rattle by Nana Huchy is a soft, ballerina-inspired elephant squeaker that will produce a lot of giggles when a baby shakes the toy. Apart from soft toys, you can also give a newborn something soft to wear such as a Marquise Knitted Grey Baby Cardigan. It is comfortable and cosy, and can fit any boy or girl.

Baby Gifts Must be Cuddly

Newborn babies are fond of hugs. Give a baby a hotdog pillow, and he or she will surely sleep soundly with one leg hugging it. When a baby sees a toy, the first thing he or she will do is to bring it closer to his or her chest. The first instinct of a baby is to hug because it is also the first thing his or her parents do to him or her. When a nurse brings the baby out from the nursery, and put the child into his mother’s arms, the mother would always bring the baby close to her chest.
It is because of this instinct why you should choose cuddly baby gifts. No baby will be happy to hug something as hard as building blocks although there will be giggles when you laugh at him. Tiger Tribe Owl is a soft and cuddly owl. It is made from soft jersey and cotton fabrics with a super soft plush fill, and will thus be a good addition to any crib. If you want a more complete set, Gifts Australia has a Freddy Fox New Baby Hamper. This item comes with a Freddy Fox soft and cuddly toy, a book entitled What Are Little Boys Made Of? for mum and dad, a soft Marquise Soft Cotton Stretch Wrap, and Marquise 100% Cotton Fish Growsuit.

Baby gifts Must be Gentle

Babies, especially newborn ones, have the most sensitive skin. When you want to give bath products as baby gifts, make sure that these products do not contain harsh chemicals. Most products have additives which are potential irritants or allergens. Although some babies may not develop irritations, most develop allergies from exposure to ingredients in these products.
You have to choose the gentlest products for baby’s skin such as Baby Therapy Boxed Soap. This 80g soap is 100% organic, and contains lavender essential oil, vitamin E, goat's milk, and olive oil to leave baby’s skin soft and moisturised. Another baby-friendly product is Baby Therapy Sleep Balm. This balms helps babies have a good night sleep. It has lavender, natural bees wax, manuka honey, and kankau to help baby have a restful sleep.

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Baby Gifts Must be Colourful

A baby can see colour from birth. From then, a baby’s brain will start to work by helping him distinguish colours and shapes. Aid a newborn baby’s cognitive development by surprising him with colourful baby gifts. Why not start his colourful journey from the crib to a day at the park? An Abacus Baby Rattle from TOLO has pastel colours that will surely make any crib so much fun. It is made of baby-friendly materials, and has movable parts for baby to play with.
Next, take colours to baby’s bath with a Pink Stretch Wrap by Marquise. It has a pink, grey, and yellow strip design. Finally, let baby have some fun at the park wearing a Lion 100% Cotton Bodysuit & Bib. The bodysuit comes in a stunning green colour with an eye-catching lion with an orange mane. The bib, on the other hand, has yellow prints on it.

Baby Gifts Must be meant for Mum and Dad Too

Mum and dad will surely want to receive something too. Besides, having a new baby is a way to celebrate parenthood. A Baby Boy Snuggles Moet Hamper is a perfect gift for parents-to-be. This gift set contains Teddytime Super Soft Blanket in Baby Blue, a Snuggles Bear in Baby Blue, and a Marquise Embroided 'Bunny' Soft Cotton Singlet for baby. It also has a box of Jules Destrooper Almond Florentines caramel biscuits with almonds and dipped in Belgian chocolate. The hamper also contains a Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne which has a perfect balance of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Meunier for mum and dad.
If parents-to-be are a little bit sentimental, a Belly Art Baby Imprint Kit is a perfect surprise. It can capture tiny hand and foot prints. The kit contains instructions, keepsake tin, easel and mess-free, baby-friendly impression material.

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