Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

When looking for baby gifts for a newborn, there are many things to consider. It is not enough that they are products or items for babies. You have to make sure that they are sensible, nontoxic, reusable, and fun and delightful. There are many options that you can choose from, including clothes, blankets, baby books, and cap.
How to Buy Baby Gifts for a Newborn
The very first thing that may come to your mind when looking for a present for a newborn baby is whether the baby already has it or not. However, whether the parents already bought one for their newborn should not bother you at all. All new parents are excited about their babies and they will definitely use what you got for their little one for as long as it fits, it is safe, and it is age-appropriate.
To get your search going, here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for baby gifts:

●    Don’t go for the price; go for quality. Not every high quality item is expensive and not all expensive items are high quality ones. If a baby item is of high quality, then the baby can use it over and over again until the baby outgrows it. You can get items that are worth their value from reputable gift stores like Gifts Australia.

●    Practical items make great baby gifts. Aside from clothes and toys, common gifts for newborns are the everyday and usual things that babies use, like baby bottles, bibs, blankets, and diaper bags, among others. Even though the parents already bought these everyday items, they will appreciate getting extra supplies for future use.

●    Colourful and eye-catching toys are great presents too. If you’re thinking about toys and similar items, don’t simply settle with an item marked as a baby toy. Choose the colourful ones that easily catches a baby’s attention. Those that make sounds are also great gifts for a newborn baby.

●    Keep safe. Baby gifts should be safe for use. If you’re getting a bottle, it should be BPA-free. If it’s a toy, its parts should not be something that the baby can swallow. Soft, cuddly, and lightweight toys are best for a newborn baby.

Baby Gifts Suggestions for the Newborn
With all the many baby items out there, what gift should you get for a newborn baby? Here are some suggestions:
●    Teething toy. She may not need a teether today but she’ll definitely need one in a couple of months. For parents, there will come a time when they’ll do just about anything to make the teething go away. So, when buying baby gifts, don’t just get any teether; instead, get Sophie La Girafe Teether. Made of natural rubber and food paint, it has soft and nobbly parts that help soothe the baby’s sore gums. Moreover, babies will love it because it is easy to grip and makes a squeaking sound when pressed. The long legs are also great for gum chewing and hard to reach molars.

●    Hooded towel. The white ones are the best, not only because it can be used by a baby boy or baby girl, but also because it can match the styling of any nursery décor. For instance, PureBaby, which has been designing baby and children’s clothing since 2002, has a white hooded towel that features “My First Towel” embroidery on the corner. Moreover, it is made of organic materials, making it one of those must-have baby gifts to buy.
●    Blanket. You might be thinking why in the world you would give a blanket when the baby surely has a couple of them already in her nursery. Well, baby blankets as baby gifts will never go out of style or use. If she has one at home, she can use what you gave while travelling in the car or pram. For instance, Marquise has been making beautiful Australian blankets since 1932 and their Navy Knitted Bassinet Blanket is no exception. It features a monochrome diamond design and is crafted from 100% soft cotton, making it gentle on baby’s skin. It can withstand everyday use without losing its charm. This lovely black and white blanket is perfect for a newborn baby bassinet as well as a travel blanket in the car or pram.
●    Onesies and growsuits. These are cute baby gifts that will never go out of style. They are easy to wear and make nappy changing easy. PureBaby has a beautifully organic red stripe growsuit that’s perfect during winter. Since it’s for the winter, there’s a built-in mittens in the sleeve to make sure that the baby stays cosy even during freezing months. Meanwhile, Penguin’s 100% cotton bodysuit is another great addition to the newborn baby’s wardrobe, featuring cheeky penguin as its design.
●    Baby hamper. Hampers make great baby gifts because they contain baby essentials that every parent wants to have. In addition, they are fun and colourful, which make hampers a delightful treat for the new parents and their baby. The Baby Girl Snuggles Hamper contains a super soft baby pink blanket, Snuggles bear in baby pink, and Marquise embroidered bunny soft cotton singlet. In addition, it contains Maisson Fossier biscuit roses and Brown Brother’s Pinnot Noir Chardonnay. Indeed, a truly delightful welcome gift for a baby girl and her parents. Meanwhile, Freddy Fox New Baby Hamper features Twiggies Freddie Fox, an illustrated book for the little boy, Marquise cotton stretch wrap, and Marquise 100% cotton grow suit. The hamper perfect for the new little man.
●    Stretch wraps. New parents love to watch their babies sleep and giving them stretch wraps as gifts will help the parents keep their babies resting and secure. Choose wraps that are made with soft gentle fabric and have colourful patterns and designs for added style like this Grey Stretch Wrap by Marquise.

Newborn Presents at Gifts Australia

Found the perfect baby gift already? If you haven’t, make sure to check out Gifts Australia, one of the largest online gift specialty stores in the country. Gifts Australia has been providing gifts for all ages and occasions for over 15 years, the reason why it has become an expert when it comes to gift giving.
Baby gifts bought at Gifts Australia are wrapped beautifully and delivered directly to the recipient’s address at the giver’s option. There are plenty of baby gift options to buy, from hampers to toys, and stretch wraps to baby books. You’ll never go out of options and it all depends on your budget which adorable or quirky item to purchase. Free delivery all over Australia for items over $99.

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