Looking for some delightful Australian gifts for special occasions? Look no further than the marvellous collection of Aussie gifts at Gifts Australia. Inside this collection, customers can find gifts that appeal to a wide range of recipients; this includes gourmet lovers, intellectuals, interior design lovers, family-orientated recipients, and a whole lot more! Want to discover what our Australian gifts collection could offer your recipient for a special occasion? Check out our exquisite selection of gifts below to find out more!

Discover Amazing Australian Gift Ideas for Any Special Occasion!

Are you looking for that one special Aussie gift for a special occasion? Why not choose something from the extensive Australian gift catalogue at Gifts Australia. Read on to discover some great gift ideas, but also to learn more about the exquisite gifts we stock!

What Are the Best Australian Gift Ideas?

Even though Gifts Australia has an extensive catalogue with many gift ideas, some choices are more popular than others. Today, we will list the top three of Australian gift ideas, which could help you find something suitable for your recipient quickly.

Chocolate Hampers

Since most people love chocolate, it is no surprise that an extensive chocolate hamper is one of our bestselling gifts. At Gifts Australia, customers can find several chocolate gift baskets with some of the finest chocolates. Of course, these chocolate hampers also contain other Australian products, which are also hand-selected by our team.


Everyone knows that Aussies are good in the kitchen and on the barbecue, which immediately explains the second bestselling Australian gift in our catalogue – the Australian cookbook. In our extensive collection, customers can find many Australian cookbooks, elaborating on the finest Australian flavours. However, there are also some international choices, such as some Jamie Oliver cookbooks!

A Bottle of Bubbly

A good bottle of Australian bubbly always goes down well for a special occasion, so it is no surprise to see some Australian sparkling wine on the list. Of course, customers can also find some exquisite French champagnes in our collection, which could prove useful for those special occasions you don’t know what to buy for!

Does Gifts Australia Stock Australian-Made Gifts?

Gifts Australia stocks many Australian gifts. In fact, our team prefers brands obtained from Australia; for example, cosmetics from Jurlique, gourmet nibbles from Baylies Epicurean Delights, and much more. Even the gift baskets you can find in our store are made by our Australian team.

Naturally, Gifts Australia does obtain the occasional international product, usually because the product is not authentically available in Australia; for example, French champagne. Aside from this, Gifts Australia stays as Australian as possible.

Are There Australian Gifts to Take Overseas?

There are some Australian gifts at Gifts Australia that can be taken overseas. However, customers must take some things into consideration when they go abroad with their present. For example, you are not allowed to take any foods or large quantities of nibbles; this eliminates our hampers and bottles of bubbly from the list. However, there are many other gifts you could choose from Gifts Australia, and these will be allowed on the plane!

Which Australian Gourmet Gifts Will My Recipient Like?

The perfect gourmet gift often comes down to the personal preferences of your recipient, although it is a little more difficult if you do not know the preferences of the person you are buying for. This is one of the reasons why Gifts Australia diversifies its gourmet hampers, so you always have a solid choice to fall back on.

Of course, there are other Australian gourmet gifts you could consider for the gourmet lover; this includes cooking classes, restaurant visits, gourmet tours, wine tastings, and even some useful accessories for the kitchen.

What Are Good Australian Gifts for Female Recipients?

At Gifts Australia, customers can find an entire section with Australian gifts for female recipients, so you should experience no problems finding the perfect Australian gift for your recipient. Included in this range of Australian gifts are handbags, jewellery, gift hampers, experiences, books, and a whole lot more. So, it does not matter if you know the personal preferences of your recipient, there are countless things to choose from at Gifts Australia.

Does Gifts Australia Have Australian-Themed Gift Baskets?

Gifts Australia has a selection of gift baskets that only include Australian products, since many Australian recipients prefer receiving a gift basket that only contains Australian products. So, if you are buying for the patriotic recipient, simply check out some of our Australian gift baskets first to get a better overview of the possibilities in our store.

What Are the Most Unique Australian Gift Ideas at Gifts Australia?

There are many unique gift ideas at Gifts Australia too, since our entire catalogue of gifts is hand-selected by our team of experts. Today, we will list some of our most unique options, which you could use to dazzle your recipient for a special occasion.

BBQ Branding Iron

What is so special about a barbecue branding iron you might wonder? Well, at Gifts Australia, customers can find branding irons that can be customised; this means that your recipient could add his name to his favourite BBQ meats. So, this is an excellent suggestion for the barbecue lover!

Novelty Books

Someone who loves to read usually has the latest releases from literary geniuses, but you could still delight this recipient with one of the many novelty books at Gifts Australia! We are sure that your recipient will not own these books yet!

Themed Lights

Another unique Australian gift in our catalogue is the themed light, which could come in the form of a unicorn, cherries, the word “mancave”, and many other designs. In short, the perfect way to create more atmosphere in the Australian home.


If you are buying a gift for someone who likes to tinker, be sure to look at some of our Aussie gadgets; this includes the remote-controlled paper airplane. Head over to the novelty section on our website now to find out more!

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